Stay At Home Round Robin

Our prompt this week was a wonky star. Years ago, I made a wall hanging with a wonky star. I thought that I had invented a new block, but now realize that there is nothing new in quilting. That wall hanging now belongs to one of my beloved daughter-in-laws. She loves it. It was fun to make. No matching or cut off points. Just twinkling stars.

If we did not like wonky, we could make any star pattern. The checkerboard row was busy, so I thought that the wonky star row should be coping strips with just a few stars in the corners.

The colored SAHRR has just four stars, one in each of the corners. The wonky star is a nine patch. I wanted a narrow row so cut the patches 1 1/2″ square. That made a 3″ finished star. Running the pieces through assembly line method for the points was quick. I had Ginny Beyer fabric scraps leftover from the flying geese and the medallion center so used it for the points.

The black and white quilt is still is my favorite of the two. It is fun to just use value in choosing the fabric pieces. The fabric that I choose was too short to go the length of the row if I just had a star in each corner. I didn’t want to piece the length of the row. The corner of the previous row was 2″ not the 3″ measurement of the stars. It was time for a design element. The row would be 3″ wide so a 3″ star block would be fine in the corner. On each side of the star would be a 2″ x 3″ striped block. Then another star block. With all four corners made this way, I had enough length to piece the center of the border. That piece was strip pieced in the same configuration as the 2″ portion.

The 2″ flower block between the star blocks is a happy little accident. It looks as if it belongs there and I planned it.

I’m looking forward to the plan for the next row.

Now, It’s time to get some of the quilt thoughts out of my head and onto fabric. I have a lot of fun planned.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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