Parting Thoughts and Other good things

There were so many people who coordinated this wonderful trip. Beth is a press release person who interviewed Jean and me. She wrote a press release and presented it to a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer. We were interviewed by the reporter on the phone before we left and at the show. There was an article about Jean and me in that newspaper last week.

Sometime during one of our meetings, I was asked to take one of my quilts down to Philadelphia with me. I thought the reporter wanted to photograph me with one of my quilts so I took Basket and Butterflies.

On Friday, we attended a lecture by Kathryn Jenson White. She makes alphabet quilts. It was a fascinating lecture. She is an amazing, funny woman.

Jean and me at the lecture

At the middle of her lecture, she said “My next quilt is —– wait—-That’s not my quilt.” Her quilt holders were holding Basket and Butterflies. What a surprise and honor to have a quilt shown at her lecture and Quilt Extravaganza. She read notes that I had written about the quilt, supposedly for the reporter. I had to stand for a round of applause. At that moment, I was in a state of shock. It was the highlight of the whole trip.

But, there was more fun to be had. After the lecture, Jean and I had our picture taken with Kathryn. I still haven’t received copies of this picture, but will someday. Several people came to me and talked about my quilt. Wow !!! what an honor.

Then “my handlers” asked me to go to a vendor and demonstrate a machine. I said that it had to be a Janome. I have Janome machines and it is the only machine that I know how to operate. We went to the Janome booth. I sat down at the machine and explained how it worked. All the time with cameras on me. It was a new model, unfamiliar to me. Most of the buttons are the same as mine, but there were new features. The dealer and I talked about all the functions. I was sewing a pictorial (a little car) when I asked what one button was. It was a pivot button. I drove that little car right around the corner. What fun. I don’t have that function on my machine but I can do it manually.

At one point, Jean and I were asked to walk up and down the aisles, looking at the quilts, while a drone took pictures overhead. We walked and talked about the quilts. At this point, we didn’t pay any attention to cameras. They were with us all the time. We turned around and were startled because the drone was right in front of our faces.

I talked to the Kangaroo sewing table vendor about my new table and how much I loved it. When I was leaving his booth, he gifted me with a sewing basket.

Jean and I browsed through the vendors in the afternoon. I bought a pattern, some fabric and some honey tea. We had to leave the show. It was closing time.

That evening, we dined at an upscale restaurant. Excellent food. Then back to Lake In Wood for a little shopping at their store.

Driving back to the train station was different than going to the resort. It was Saturday. Apparently, Saturday is wash day. Close lines were full of Amish dresses and men’s pants. It was also yard sale day. Every house in one town had a yard sale. Horses and buggies were all over the place. It looked like a lot of good things at the yard sales. Too bad we had to get to the train station. I love a good yard sale.

The train trip was the reverse of the trip going down. Great service, more excellent food. We were both exhausted. David met us in Boston and took me right to my front door. Jean car was at the office, so she was taken there and then she drove to her home. My house seemed empty without Miss Molly. I was exhausted and went to bed early.

The next day, I brought Miss Molly home from her spa. She had been groomed and must have had a wonderful time. She has been sleeping for two days. Good news. Miss Molly’s lab tests came back fine. She is healthy.

This was a once in a lifetime trip. The My Jump people took us first class all the way. It is an awesome program. Now it’s back to real life. I have to decide what to make next. It’s list time.

I did make a decision while at the show. I have finished piecing and quilting the last row of the Dear Jane quilt. The 12th and 13th rows are sewn together in rows. They have to be added to the rest of the quilt. I was undecided if I would add the outside borders or consider it finished when the inside blocks were done. After seeing the Dear Jane quilts at the show, I am going to make the outside border. They are needed to finish the quilt. I still have to make 52 triangle blocks plus the corners. It really is a long term quilt.

The gardens need cleaning up before winter sets in. I am thinking of a dye project to do outside with a neighbor. Lots to do outdoors before the weather changes. We have had lots of rain, but the next few days look promising.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

8 thoughts on “Parting Thoughts and Other good things

  1. Than you for the blogs. It sounds like you had so much fun. I will call you soon. Maybe even Monday. I JUST WANTED TO HEAR ABOUT THE TRIP THROUGH YOUR BLOGS FIRST. LOVE YA Viki sorry about the caps just got new phone today. It is soooooo different then my last one. Lol


  2. Dear Beverly MacGown,
    I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and read about you in our newspaper in mid December, an article by Kevin Reordan of the Philadelphia inquirer.
    30 years ago I bought an Amish quilt that I have adored (from a catalog), but it is now far too used for display.
    So I’ve been looking for a replacement, but the quilts I’ve seen here are much thinner and would not keep me warm enough in my old house during these winter months.
    As I live up in the mountains, it does get quite cold at night with no central heating.
    I was looking at your thistle quilt which has the same color theme as my bedroom and thought that perhaps you could refer me to a good place for purchasing another king size quilt with similar colors, machine washable and a subtle design of some sort.
    At the end of May I am flying to DC for my daughter’s law school graduation. I could actually drive to Pennsylvania to have a look around for quilts, or I would just order from somewhere.
    I hope you get this message and have an idea for me. Hopefully you’ll get back to me.


    1. Dear Suzie,
      Thank you for your note. It is a five quilt, three dog night here in New England. It’s bitterly cold. I can’t imagine no central heating, although a wood stove would be nice.
      I checked the Internet for Amish quilts and was surprised to find Amish quilts in what we consider non-Amish colors. After a search, I did find one store that had quilts in the colors that you want. They had a Wedding Ring quilt and another that was made in a Ginny Beyer pattern. It was absolutely stunning. If you google “Amish quilts, Pennsylvania” you will find it. I know nothing about the store so cannot determine the quality of their quilts. Maybe you could go to that store when you go to DC for your daughter’s graduation.
      I was talking to one of my daughters and she suggested that you find a quilter in Hawaii and have her make one in the colors that you like. There are many wonderful Hawaiian quilters.
      Let me know what you find when you find what you want.


      1. Dear Beverly,
        Thank you so much for your kind response. Sorry it took me this long to spot your reply, and I’m glad to see it! I will Google your suggestion.
        Yes, we do have excellent quilters here, but the ones I have found were never quite as thick as what I’ve been looking for, or they stretched too far to the floor. I’ve also been hoping to find a quilt that looked a little less Hawaiian. I have one wedding ring quilt, and another would be very nice. I’ll check it out and let you know when I find something.


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