The Reveal

Our Rip and Tear challenge is over. The reveal was on Wednesday afternoon. This was a fun challenge.

This was the fabrics that we had to work with. We could add one other fabric and a background. These are not the fabrics that I would have put together for a quilt. It took a lot of thinking. I decided to make one of the blocks from a pattern that I bought several years ago and never made.

After checking the amounts of fabric that I had, I found that I could make the dump truck.

I did add the background and the black for the tires. Most of the fabric was used. There was just a handful left. Someone suggested that I give the wall hanging to one of my great grandchildren. He has a little sister. Girls can drive construction equipment too. I made a second piece. It was suggested that I put a little girl in the cab, so I did. She is so cute working construction like the boys.

Actually, I think that it is her construction company, and her brother works for her.

I’ve been making a SAHRR (stay at home round robin). I was behind because I had been working on the construction wall hangings. It’s interesting to see how others interpret the instructions. The first row was curves.

The second row was diamonds. Because the center is an embroidery, I decided to embroider a row of diamonds. I used two different colors for the borders.

The third row is stars. I made six friendship stars and placed them on the top and bottom.

The fourth row is a signature block. Where the top and bottom of the previous row was a double row and the side row was a single, I squared up the piece with six places for signatures.

This will be a small art quilt when it’s finished. If it’s small, I will probably quilt it after I finish the last row. I still have two previous SAHRRs waiting to be quilted.

Now that I’ve made two new pieces and am working on a long-term piece, I have to quilt one of my ufos. Maybe even two. That’s my rule for 2022. Make a new quilt, then quilt a ufo.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

2 thoughts on “The Reveal

  1. I chuckled to read what you said about the construction vehicle quilts. It reminds me of my grandkids. I knit a sweater with an excavator on it for the older boy. Ten years later his 3 year-old sister is wearing it, with great pleasure.

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