I started my first quilt in 1960 when Nana taught me how to make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden with the scraps left over from making clothes for my children.  The quilt had a long shelf life.  Twenty five years later I finished the quilt top and needed to find some hand work to do after work.  I bought a Quilters Newsletter magazine and made a second quilt top.

I was self taught, at first, but soon found quilt groups, classes, and became a quilt maker.

My first quilting equipment was two pins, a needle, thread and some fabric.  Now, I have a room full and it flows out into the rest of the house.  I have taught quilting, but now, I’m a quilt mentor.  I like to try new idea and usually have many projects going at once.


Miss Molly is my quality control inspector.  She personally inspects every quilt. Sometimes, even before they are finished, This is her  glamor shot.  She usually has a lot more hair.



On rare occasion, I will post a recipe for one person.  I used to love to cook, but now find cooking for one is not enjoyable.  When I do find some dish that is tasty and will not provide leftovers, I’ll share the recipe with you.