Finished UFO

I challenged myself to finish one UFO a week.  So far, this year, I am up to date.  Of course, I am finishing easy ones.  The challenge will be harder to complete when the more complicated pieces come up.  I have found UFOs all around the house and in the attic.  There must be some reason that I start a new piece before I finish the one I’m working on.

I found a  UFO in a basket.  It was the sample when I gave a demo at the Capital Quilters Guild about flange binding.  The binding was partially sewn on and very easy to finish.  Sunbonnet sue is “trick or treating” and having a great time in an angel costume.  There is no hand sewing for flange binding.  It adds a nice touch to the wall hanging.  Now to find another easy one for next week.




Older block

This block is part of a quilt made many years ago and given to my mother when she was in a nursing home.  She enjoyed looking at the flowers.  It was hand appliqued and hand quilted.  The fabric was hand dyed, but the dye was not set and it ran into the background.  Most of the run is gone using Carbona dye remover.  Very nice product for use on white fabric, but don’t touch the colored fabric.  It will remove the color from that also.

First blog post

Quilting is my passion. I would like to share my adventures in quilting with others.   Miss Molly is my 10 year old Wire Fox Terrier.  She is my quality control inspector and personally inspects every quilt.

I hate to cook. I used to love cooking when I could cook for a big crowd. Now that I cook for one, I am searching for great recipes to get my love of cooking back.  Travel with me along this journey.