Still Piecing

Here are a few quilts that didn’t make the #10 list.

Noah’s Arc. Now is with my 3 great grandsons in Utah.
Autumn Leaves. Made for an article that I wrote for the local newspaper.
Rose. A Pam Bono design.
Hunter Star. Made with Deb Tucker Hunter Star ruler.
Temperature Quilt. Each flying geese color is according to the warmest and coolest part of each day of the year.
One of my favorite patterns. Very easy to make. All straight sewing.

I have been working on bits and pieces from the leftover bin. So far, I have made 22 place mats for Meals On Wheels. They are all ready to go. Also, several doll quilt tops, several community quilt tops, and three waste not, want not quilt tops. There are still more quilts in this bin. After I finish the three tops that are on my sewing table, I should start quilting them. Then, they would be ready to move on and out of my sewing room.

The waste not, want not quilt tops take longer to make than an ordinary pattern. Every block has to be squared up. Filler strips have to be added to allow for another block that is a different size. The quilt top has to lay flat when finished. It’s like putting a puzzle together.

coordinating colors are chosen for each quilt top.
Adding strips that go between the blocks help clear out the scrap bin,
Some of the blocks were inherited from another quilter’s sewing room. They fit in with mine.
A corner that shows how the pieces are put together.

I needed a wall-hanging to be a showcase for the Dorset Buttons. There was a scrap piece of flowered fabric in my stash. I didn’t buy it. I have no idea where it came from, but it had great flowers for fusing. Fusing is not my favorite thing to do. I would rather needle turn applique. This wall hanging will never be washed, so I decided to fuse everything down. It would be quicker. I fused a vase with fabric that also came from somewhere else. Then, I added flowers, stems, and leaves. The Dorset buttons are the finishing touch. The wall hanging is a bit dark. There is not much contrast in it, but I like it. And most of the fabric was free.

before Dorset buttons added.

After buttons are added.

This baby quilt was fun to make.

The blocks were won at a Teacup raffle. Joann bom from 1998. The bom’s were all cut out. I just had to piece them. Thanks, Shirley for your leftovers,

There are still a few quilts to make from the bin. I don’t know how I accumulated all this stuff. This is a great way to clean out the sewing room. Or to make an attempt. I still have a long way to go.

Have a great day and happy quilting.