I have finished the stay at home round robin. It is a small art quilt.

The center is an embroidery that a friend gave me years ago. All the fabric is hand dyed. The colors are taken from the colors in the center. The pattern for the next to the last row was a rail fence. Because it was an art quilt and I had a rail fence embroidery, I used the embroidery instead of piecing a rail fence.

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Ten Day Challenge

I had been nominated to show 10 quilts in 10 days with 0 comments on Facebook. The goal was to promote positivity, passion, and attention to what we love. Choosing which quilts to show was hard. I collected pictures of 20 quilts and chose which ones to use one by one. The ten that made the cut are below with explanations.

Day 1

Amish Thistle – In 1985, I found a small picture of a thistle surrounded with Amish colors. I enlarged the picture for the center. The only quilt book that I had at the time was “Make a Medalion.” Several pieced borders were added, separated by black fabric. It is hand quilted and finally finished this year. It was the oldest and largest ufo in the closet.

Day 2

Autumn Madness – The name was changed from Weekend In September. The pattern was like a cross stitch pattern. It was difficult to keep the pieces in the right order. All fabric is hand dyed, except for the black. It is hand quilted.

Day 3

Melissas Quilt – This was made in a class with Sue Pelland. It is fusible applique and machine quilted. We learned how to use Misty Fuse and how to line up with a chalk line in this class.

Day 4

Redwork Flowers – Hand embroidered and hand quilted. It took a long time to finish this one.

Day 5

Miss Molly’s Bad Day – Made from a pattern called Bad Hare Day by Java House Quilts. The original quilt had a rabbit running away with the stolen block. Miss Molly doesn’t run away with stolen items. She stands, stares at you and dares you to take it away from her. I designed Miss Molly from a picture of a Wire Hair Fox Terrier that I found on the Internet.

Day 6

Stetson Meeting House Window. My son took a picture of the window at a quilt show that was held in the Stetson Meeting House. He suggested that I make a quilt like the window. At the next quilt show, the quilt was hung so viewers could see both at once. The fabric is hand dyed to look like stained glass.

Day 7

Christmas quilt – The six small blocks are a different coloration of the center of the larger blocks. The border is made of quarter square triangles and plain squares.

Day 8

Log Cabin – This is a mini 21′ X 21″. It is paper pieced. The original quilt pattern was for a much larger quilt. The pattern had small pictures of the blocks with the colors listed. I used the small diagrams to resize the quilt.

Day 9

Canadian Women 150 – This quilt was designed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada. We received 3 block patterns a week for 50 weeks. With the patterns were storied of awesome Canadian women who made a difference. The quilt was supposed to be red and white, but I chose to make mine blue and white with a touch of green. I hand quilted each row as I finished piecing it. Each row was sewn together in the quilt as you go method.

Day 10

Puzzle Quilt – There are ten blocks, but only five patterns. To solve the puzzle, you have to find the blocks that have the same pattern. This is one of my favorite quilts to make.

After showing the quilts for ten days, I nominated a friend to continue with ten of her quilts.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing the ten quilts chosen for this challenge. Next week, I’ll show the ten that didn’t make the cut.

Have a great day and happy quilting.