Still going on

I’m still working on the big bin of scraps and pieces. It never seems to end. Then, when I thought that I had everything under control, I found another bin on a shelf. That bin was full of precuts. I had followed another bloggers advice and cut all the quilt leftovers into different sized squares. They were supposed to be on hand when I needed squares for a project. That would have worked if they were not on the top shelf and out of sight. I will not precut again.

I have no idea how many tops I’ve made. There are doll quilts, baby quilts, community quilts and some bed size quilts. I did cut bindings and have backings for most of the quilts. Also bought enough batting to last a while.

There are still five piles of pieces on the sewing table. That adds up to five more doll and/or community quilts. Then, I’ll get busy and do some quilting.

A doll bed quilt from a stack of four patches.
another doll bed quilt
A larger quilt.
I found this under a quilt that needed binding. It was missing a border. One of the easiest to finish.

The pinwheel blocks came from another quilter’s sewing room. There were two flying geese blocks in the same fabrics for each of the pinwheels. I sewed them on two sides of the pinwheels and added white strips to square the block. The blocks were placed horizontal and vertical in a diagonal setting. This is one of my favorite quilts from this project.

This project has taken a long time, but it has been fun to figure out how to use bits and pieces.

Have a great day and happy quilting.