I’m so very thankful for snow days. Meetings are cancelled and I can stay home and sew all day long if I want to. I wrote a list of the projects that I am currently working on. There were five projects, not counting the ones in the hand sewing basket. There are three in there waiting for the binding to be hand sewn down. I’m not even checking the bins and baskets all around the sewing room. These five are current projects.

The Blue Basket quilt is up to date and even beyond up to date. There are twelve baskets. Each time that instruction come they are the same. We’ve had instructions for six and the other six should be the same. I have completed twelve. Now, I will have a few weeks off by doing advance work.

This week, we made seventeen nine patch units. They will be the corner squares.

This has been a fun quilt. I had hoped that it would use up more of the Kaufmann fabric, but I still have a lot. I have found three new patterns that will hopefully start deleting that fabric. The Blue Baskets has appliqued flowers on the borders. I’ll save scraps for this and cut out at least one of the quilts for the retreat from the stash,

The Stay at home Round Robin is complete. The last row is the pinwheel block. I have made lots of pinwheels, but for some reason, these pinwheels didn’t want too corporate. I had intended to have pinwheels all around the last row. Most were so terrible that I used the good ones at the top and bottom corners. I do like the way this quilt finished. It may be my most favorite SAHRR to date.

I also finished the Escher Stairs. Illusion quilts are fun to make.

Here are a few more illusion quilts.

Have a great day and happy quilting.