Maine Quilts

This has been a day of not accomplishing much.  I did hoop and embroider two sections of the 30 day challenge quilt.  Then on the third one, the hooped popped.  I put it aside as I have to take out all those stitches and do it over. That’s a chore for tomorrow.  I have cut out two flowers for my wall hanging.  I  tried to sew while sitting on the porch.  The wind came up and the fabric didn’t want to cooperate.  The weather was so nice that I sat and read some magazines.  No sewing on the porch today.

We had a horrendous storm yesterday afternoon. It poured.  We had lightening.  Then came the wind and the hail.  The hail was going sideways against the windows.  It’s a wonder that the windows didn’t break.  The noise of the wind and hail was so very loud on the roof and the side of the house.  Miss Molly found a place to hide.  She didn’t come out until three A.M. this morning.  We were very fortunate.  I heard that some people lost shingles and trees were down.  It did cool down for a little while.

I’m so thankful for perennials.  They come up and blossom, even if I neglect them. My flowers are beautiful.   IMG_2479IMG_2478

IMG_2475   IMG_2473   IMG_2446

I had a big surprise at the Maine Show.  As I said in another post, I didn’t receive a ribbon at the show.  When the show was over, I was waiting to pick up my quilts.  A few ladies were sitting at the table waiting with me.  One of them started talking about the viewers’ choice quilt.  She started describing it and saying how awesome it was.  Then she said it had the word Butterfly and another word in the title.  I asked her if it was Basket and Butterflies as that was the name of one of my quilts.  She wasn’t sure so I walked across the room to ask the woman who was in charge of the forms.  She opened her phone and showed me a picture of my quilt, Basket and Butterflies.  It had a ribbon on it.  Wow!!!! Viewers’ Choice is an awesome award.  When a ribbon is received from the judges, it is just the opinion of two people.  With the Viewers’ Choice, it is the opinion of many fellow quilters.  I am deeply honored to receive this award.  I had decided before the show to retire this quilt from competition.  It is retiring on a good note.

58596530093__C68BB4E6-3065-49E7-851C-3E19213C74A2   IMG_2498

Have a great day and happy quilting.




The quilt show in Augusta was wonderful.  There were so many beautiful quilts.  It would be hard to choose my favorite.  It was nice to see my quilts hanging there even if they didn’t receive a ribbon.  I’ll receive the judges comments soon.  It’s always interesting to read their opinion. IMG_2495




My gardens are beautiful.  They must like to be neglected.  The hollyhocks aren’t as tall as they have been in the past, but they are beautiful just the same.

IMG_2481   IMG_2477   IMG_2474   IMG_2472

The raspberries are still producing.  I picked a big bowlful yesterday.  One of my daughters came today and we picked some more.  She went home with a very big bowl of berries.  There are still two rows to pick tomorrow.  We would have finished today, but it was too hot in the sun.  I’ll go out early tomorrow.

While coming home from the show, a friend and I were talking about quilting with the hand look stitch on the sewing machine.  I was thinking about that today and decided to quilt with that stitch on one of my UFO’s.  This little piece was part of a demonstration that I did on Deb Tucker’s Hunter Star ruler.  I had made four different sizes for the demonstration.

IMG_2509As the four sections were different sized, I added different size borders to make them the same size.  It is a little wonky piece.  It didn’t take long to quilt it.  It does look like hand quilting from a distance. IMG_2510

I used YLI invisible thread in the needle and regular sewing thread in the bobbin.  My sewing machine automatically adjusts the settings when that stitch is chosen.  I hadn’t used the hand stitch look stitch for a very long time.  Invisible thread is so much better now that it was when I quilted that way the last time.  It will be a quick way to finish some of my UFO’s in the future.  It might be pretty if I quilt with variegated thread.  Lots of ideas from a conversation.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

Quilt week

This is a week of quilt related fun.  Last night, I went to our Guild Christmas In July pot luck supper.  The food was excellent and the friendship was awesome.  There were eleven quilters in attendance.

We had our annual Yankee Swap.  There were many wonderful presents to be swapped.  I had number 10 out of 11 people, so I had a good chance of swapping for something that I really liked.  The gifts were all great so that was a hard choice.  Some good natured swapping occurred before my turn came up.  One of the bags left was a large Olive Garden take out bag.  I jiggled it and it sounded interesting.  Decisions – Do I take something already opened or take a chance on what was in the Olive Garden bag?  I decided to open the bag in my hand,  Am I glad that I did.  Inside was the most wonderful hand made basket.  IMG_2484

I knew who made it and was thrilled to have one of her baskets.  She is a great friend and now I had something to remind me of her.  Inside the basket was the most adorable little lamb.


There is a lady bug on it’s backside. The little boots are so cute.  IMG_2487IMG_2486


In the bottom was some beautiful batique fabric.  What a great gift. IMG_2485





But, then there was number 11 and number 1 for the final pick.  I could lose the basket.  Number 11 swapped her gift which was great because the lady beside me was able to swap and get what she really wanted.  Then number 1.  She wanted the gift that she had at first pick and swapped for that.  We were all very happy with the end results.

Tomorrow, I will go to the Pine Tree State Quilt show.  It is always a great show.  The quilts are so beautiful.  I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from the show.  There are a few things that I want to buy from the vendors.  This year, I did place two of my quilts in the show.  I’ll take pictures tomorrow.

The flowers in my gardens are beautiful.  I haven’t worked the gardens this year and they still blossom right on schedule.  The day lilies, holly hocks, bee balm, and many other flowers are in bloom right now.  They are beautiful from the distance.  The weeds blend in with the foliage.  The Allium has budded but is slow to blossom.

IMG_2471   IMG_2469   IMG_2468   IMG_2466 There are so many different colored day lilies.

The raspberry patch is full of beautiful raspberries again.  I have a few packages in the freezer for next winter.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the Page 30 challenge.  I’ve started to quilt it with the embroidery machine.  When that part is finished, I’ll do some free motion quilting.  I should have It finished by the deadline.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


The weather has been beautiful.  Warm with a small breeze to cool it down a bit.  The flowers are blooming in spite of no care on my end.  I should get out and pull a few weeds and cut back the flowers that have gone by.  There are wildflower seeds planted among the perennials.  I can see the small plants and don’t want to disturb them until they blossom.  IMG_2447

The honey bees are getting pollen from the Ragusa roses.

IMG_2446   IMG_2448

I planted the whiskey barrels in front of the garage with cosmos seeds.  The barrels are full of plants.  They will be beautiful when they bloom.

IMG_2464One of the best things in July is the raspberries.  The bushes are full.  Today, I picked two big bowls full. There should be as much or more in a few days.  There are a lot of new bushes among the older bushes.  It was hard to find the rows.  I could probably double the size of the raspberry patch with all the new bushes. There will be a lot of pruning when it is time to do so.

IMG_2462I’ve finished two UFOs  One is a table runner.  It needed a border, quilting and binding.  Fortunately, I had just enough brown fabric for the border.  I had bought a piece of end of the bolt fabric at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I didn’t realize that it was flannel when I bought it.  The colors were right for the table runner, so I used it for the backing and binding.  I’ve never made a flannel quilt and don’t have that type of fabric in my stash.  In the past several years, I’ve received fabric, etc. from time to time from friends.  This table runner must have been in with the fabric.  I didn’t piece it.  It will go into the give away bin.

IMG_2461The second is a table mat.  It was partially made, but the fabric was with it for the borders and binding.  There was even enough blue fabric for the backing.  Again, I don’t know who made this piece.  I have several pieces in my UFO pile that I didn’t make.  I’ll finish them and move them along.

Both the table runner and table mat are very pretty, but are not the colors for any of my rooms.  I have a few small pieces left over from making the table runner and table mat.  There might be enough to make a mini quilt.  I’ll have to think about it for a while.

I’ve started to mark the Page 30 challenge quilt for quilting.  It takes longer getting to it that it will take to do it.  Once I start, it will go much faster.  The challenge will be revealed in September, so I have time to  finish the quilting.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

Dear Jane

I’ve been focusing on Dear Jane for a few days. Today, I finished piecing all of Row A.  Some of the blocks are quilted and bound.  Others, need quilting.  I’m unhappy with one.  The fabric doesn’t go with the rest of the quilt.  I will remake that one.


A 1 is called Pinwheel Gone Awry.  I made it with half square triangles and flipped corners.  It is finished.




A 2 is called One – Two- Buckle My Shoe.  It was paper pieced.  It’s a good thing that I like to paper piece.  There are a lot of little Jane blocks that are made with paper piecing. It is finished.



A 3 is called Hunter’s Moon. It is the one that I will remake.  The fabric is a batique.  It doesn’t go with the rest of the quilt.




A 4 is called Courtney’s Stethoscope. It was pieced using templates.  There are so many different techniques in this quilt.  It is ready to quilt and bind.



A 5 is called Cathie’s Campfire.  It is another paper pieced block.  It is ready to quilt and bind.




A 6 is called Uncle Homer.  This one was an easy rotary cut block.  It is finished.




A 7 is called Dad’s Plaids  I made the four patch background and then appliqued the petals.  It is ready to quilt and bind.




A 8 is called Florence Nightingale.  The pieces were rotary cut.  It is finished.  It’s fun to have an easy block.




A 9 is called Cabin Fever.  It was paper pieced.  I like this one.  Twelve of these blocks would make a nice miniature quilt.  Maybe someday I will make one. It is ready to quilt and bind.



A 10 is called Which Points West?  I made it different than the instructions.  They called for piecing the block.  It was easier to make a center colored square with a white border.  Then I appliqued the little petal and the triangles.  It is ready to quilt and bind.

IMG_2443A 11 is called Pebbles Protest.  I paper pieced the Peaky and Spike squares.  Then I made small four patches for the corners.  A small border was added,  It made it look like the corner squares were larger. A white outer border finished the block.  It is quilted.  When the binding is sewn on, it will be finished.



A12 is called Framed Fancy.  It is another paper pieced block that would make a very nice miniature quilt.  It needs quilting and binding.



A 13 is called Star light – Star bright.  It was paper pieced in sections.  The sections were sewn together with Y seams.  It is ready to quilt and bind.


I am going to put Jane away for a while and concentrate on something else.  The unfinished blocks will be in a bag with a needle, thread, thimble and scissors.  I can work on them when I have a sit and sew.

Eventually, Row A will be finished.  Then on to Row B and C.  Row D is almost completed. Some of the other rows are partially done.  When I get to those rows, it won’t take long to complete the rows.  I have many blocks finished, but there are still many more to make.

Have a great day and happy quilting.





Church Window wall hanging

Some of the blocks in the pile of Mile A Minute blocks needed a home today.  I had designed a small quilt on EQ7 to use twelve of the 6″ blocks.  It didn’t make much of a dent in the pile, but it is a start.

In the EQ7 quilt design, I had used solid or tone on tone fabric, but I’m in Maine and my stash is in New Hampshire.  I do have a suitcase of Robert Kaufmann Japanese fabric.  That is what I had to use.  At first, I didn’t like the wall hanging, but as I look at it, I like it just a little.  I may even decide to really like it when it is quilted.

IMG_2416Each of the 6″blocks were sliced in half and a one inch strip was inserted.


Then, it was sliced in the other direction and another one inch strip was inserted.  When  one inch strips are inserted into a block, the size stays the same.  The blocks were still 6″. I did trim them a little as the sides are on the bias and there was a little stretching.  IMG_2420

IMG_2421I sewed  1 1/2″ x 8″ strips on the bottom and the left side of the block.  The strip on the bottom was a light lavender fabric and on the side was a dark blue fabric.  They were sewed with a back stitch 1/4″ from the end where they met.



The strips were a little longer than necessary because the seam was mitered.   IMG_2423

Again, I trimmed the blocks to allow for the bias fabric on the right and top.




A medium color fabric was used for the sashing around the blocks. They were cut 2″ x 7″. Another color was used for the setting squares.  It was used again for the setting squares of the outside borders.  The outside borders were cut 3 1/2″ wide and the length of the finished center.  They were the same dark fabric as the dark strips on the left of the window.

It looks as if the sun is shining through a stained glass window.  I’m not sure what color thread to use to quilt it, but am thinking of using the hand quilting look on my sewing machine.  Whatever I do, I want to enhance the 3D look.

This pattern would look great using a panel cut into 12 squares. I have so many ideas to use this simple, easy pattern.  I hope that there is enough information in this blog so that you can make a wall hanging from this pattern.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

Nested Flying Geese

The Nested Flying Geese top is finished, except for pressing.  I will do that just before I quilt it.  This quilt top was started in a class at the Vermont Quilt Festival with Birgit Schueller.  It was the first class that Birgit taught using the nested flying geese technique.  Her instructions were accurate except for one item, which was a miscount of setting blocks.  It was easily fixed. I just cut 11 instead of the 10 that she told us to cut.  She was a great instructor.  The class was fun and I did learn a new technique.

IMG_2415       IMG_2414       IMG_2413

I learned more than the technique.  Last year, I bought a jelly roll of Kaffee Fassett fabric.  It was on sale and was very pretty on the roll.  It seemed to have lots of interesting colors.  I though that it would be perfect for this project.  My problems with the jelly roll started when I noticed that the edges were pinked.  That cut into the 2 1/2″ size that we needed.  Then the fabric was loosely woven with a small thread count. My background fabric had a much higher count.  This led to puckering and incorrect sizing of the pieces.  As most pieces were cut on the bias, the fabric shifted too much.  The colors were all grayed and not as pretty when the fabric unrolled as they were on the roll.   The quilt is dull.  I think that I’ll call it “Geese In The Foggy Rain.” Maybe a bright quilting thread will brighten it up.

The blocks were supposed to be trimmed to 5 1/4″ x 10″.  Due to the bias stretch and shifting, I could only cut a 5″ x 9 1/2″ block.  This led to some of the geese wings being clipped.  With all these problems, the quilt is still pretty.  When it is quilted, a lot of the problems can be quilted away.  It will make a great quilt for the beach.

Sometime in the future, I might make another Nested Flying Geese quilt.  I will heavily starch the fabric and  cut it from my stash. Then my geese will be able to fly without clipped wings.

Have a great day and happy quilting.






Dyed Fabric

It has been a wonderfully warm day.  There was a snall breeze which I enjoyed while sitting on the porch.  It is the best spot to pull paper from the back of a paper pieced quilt.  That should be done soon and then on to basting and quilting.

I did do some sewing and trimming this morning.  The pieces of the nested flying geese are ready to place in order and sew.  Somehow, they became out of order during the process of getting them this far.  I’m sure that they will find their way back to where they belong. This has been a fun project.  It was easy to sew.  All 60 blocks are trimmed to the same size.  It just needs setting squares and triangles.

My dyed fabric needed to be washed in Synthropol and rinsed in clear water.  It was easy to do in the back yard.  After washing, the fabric was placed on hanger and hung to dry on the closeline.  The rinse water was mostly clear, except for the red fabric.  I will buy some Retayne at the Maine Quilt Show at the end of the month.  That will help set the color.   After I process the fabric in Retayne, I’ll wash it in the washing machine with some more Synathropol.  I would not be happy if the fabric bled in a quilt.

I haven’t pressed the dyed fabric yet.  There is no need to do that until I’m finished setting the color.  After all the setting process is complete, I’ll place a piece of white fabric on the dyed fabric.  A sheet of teflon will be place under the dyed fabric. Then, I’ll spray it with water and press.  If the dye still isn’t set, it will migrate to the white fabric.  Hopefully it will be finished and I can use it.  If not, I’ll do the process again.

IMG_2395When we dyed the fabric, there was dye left in the bin.  We placed half yard pieces hin the bin to use the dye.  The pieces were not ombre dyed, but ate very pretty anyway.  Some of the names of the colors are, watermelon, sage green, butterscotch, wine, very green, and raspberry.  They are on a black table.  Wouldn’t they be nice in a quilt with a black background.

The dyed fabric goes from dark to light, except for the one on the right, which goes from saphire blue to purple rain. IMG_2397

The change of color isn’t noticible in the long piece, but when the top and bottom are placed together, it is very obvious.

IMG_2401   IMG_2399   IMG_2398

The fabric will look much better when it is pressed.  I’m not sure how I will use this fabric, but some day an inspiration will strike.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

Back In Maine

It has been a fast two weeks.  First to New Hampshire. then to the Vermont Quilt Festival, then back to New Hampshire for one day and now I’m back in Maine.  I didn’t sew or quilt while in New Hampshire.  The only time that I entered the sewing room was to gather supplies for Vermont and then to gather them for Maine.  I will be settled for a while and get back to quilting. The advantage of going back and forth is that I can see the different flowers in my gardens.  New Hampshire is a few weeks ahead of Maine.  I did do a little gardening while in New Hampshire, but I could have stayed there longer to finish.  My neighbors tell me that my flowers are beautiful all summer.  They have my permission to pick a bouquet when they want one.

IMG_2297My climbing rose outdid itself this year.  It’s a good thing because both my bush roses didn’t make it through the winter.  Brambles have taken over.  They are all big thorns and have no flowers.  Very hard to pull out.  The primroses are blossoming in New Hampshire.

The poppies were in blossom in Maine while I was gone  There is only one left for me to see.  IMG_2393





The quilts in Vermont were awesome.   This year the show was set up different from the other years.  The vendors were in one room and all the quilts in another.  Several of my favorite vendors were missing.   It was nice to look at the quilts without being distracted by all the good things for sale.

65188560_10219633625741763_7918170310694666240_nFor the past ten years, a group of six ladies meet at VQF.  We have started to make a challenge quilt each year.  This last year we all used the same pattern and made a five yard quilt. It used one yard of five different fabrics.  All the quilts were different. There was a large gathering when we revealed the quilts. Next year we are going to make a one color quilt.  There will be no white or black, even in the background.  The quilt can be any size or pattern.  We can choose any color we want.  I know what I want to make, but making it is down at the bottom of the list right now.

IMG_2311I took two classes while in Vermont.  The first was Ombre dyeing with Cindy Lohbeck.  Cindy has developed a technique for dying a single piece of fabric from light to dark.  My fabric is still in process.  When I finish the process, I’ll show some more pictures.


The second class was with Birgit Schueller from Germany.  She has developed a technique for inserting a flying geese into another flying geese.  We were her first class for this technique.  Birgit was very well prepared.  It was an excellent class.  My geese are not finished.  This quilt is on the sewing table and will be the first to finish, The geese uses jelly rolls.  I had a roll of Kaffee Facet fabric.  It was very pretty on the roll, but when I unrolled it, the colors were dull. I’ll have to use a bright thread when it is quilted.  Quilting always makes the quilt.  I will make this pattern again in brighter colors.   Maybe I can figure out how to make it smaller.  I had forty strips in the jelly roll, so I have twenty geese, two colors in each geese.  If I need more geese, I’ll switch the inner and outer fabrics and the geese will look different.  I know that I’ll sew much faster at home than in the class.  It won;t take long to finish the top.

In the meantime, I brough several more UFOs to Maine with me.  On good days, I can sew on the porch.  I sat out there this afternoon and there were no black flies. They drove me into the house in June.

There is more gardening to do.  I’ll have to squeeze that in.

Have a great day and happy quilting.