Little Rose

rose 1Several years ago I found this little rose pattern on Pam Bono’s web site.  The quilt is 8″ x 10″. The pattern was given a little bit each day for seven days.  Then, after a week,  you had a little gift for Mom on Mother’s Day.  I have made four of these little quilts as they are great to give for gifts and take very little time in sewing and quilting the block. It is a great way to practice machine quilting.

On the first day, the pieces are cut out and labeled with a block letter, unit number and lower case addition.  There is a chart and pictures as the piecing could be confusing until you learn Pam’s method of sewing the block.  It is a neat and easy method of adding pieces until the block is completed.

I did cut and label the pieces the first day and then decided to wait until all instructions arrived before sewing the block.  I finished it in an afternoon.  Later on, Pam published a larger piece using three different colored roses.  I haven’t made that one yet.  rose3Pieces are added in order.  Some are sewn on a diagonal, covering multiple parts that were already pieced. It goes together like a picture puzzle.  Even with the pieces lettered and numbered, mistakes can be made.rose4

I also have a pattern for a sampler quilt which is shown in three different color ways.  Pam’s quilts go together easily, but there is a lot of cut off waste so I probably won’t make that one.



Pam has a lot of beautiful patterns on her web site.  She also had patterns in quilting magazines.  I just checked Pam Bono’s website and found out that she passed away in 2014.  She had designed such beautiful quilts.

This little quilt is a gift for someone.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



Block Head 2

This is the fourth week of the Block Head 2 block of the week.  I was behind one week because I was in Vermont, but I caught up today.

IMG_1101     Block 3 is a 6″ block.  It was sewn as a nine patch center with a border and corner squares.  I try to use a piece of the printed crane fabric in each block.  Some blocks will not have this fabric if the parts of the block are not big enough to fussy cut.   This was an easy block to sew.

IMG_1100     Block 4 is a 12′ block.  The measurements were not even measurements.  It went together easily even though I had to pay special attention to the 5/8 and 7/8 marks on the ruler.

Blockhead 2 has been fun so far, although I hear that some of the later blocks will be difficult to sew.  I look forward to receiving the patterns in my e-mail every week.  There may even be different sizes other that 6′ and  12″

Each pattern is a surprise.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


From the Archives

Years ago, my husband saw a quilt that he liked in the L.L. Bean catalogue.  He wanted me to buy it.  I told him that we should go to Freeport and look at it first.  It was a poorly made  commercial quilt.  He didn’t  want it and I said, “Don’t worry.  I’ll make one.”

IMG_0308This is sort of like the L.L. Bean quilt with alternating pieced blocks and appliqued blocks. The colors are different and the appliqued flowers are different.

It is hand quilted.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


Miss Rosie

The Vermont Quilt Festival is over for another year.  The quilts were awesome as usual.   There were several new vendors with lots of goodies to purchase.  The classes were fun and I did learn some new techniques.  I was amazed to be able to make a 1/2″ square pinwheel that came out right.  Who knows – maybe a miniature is in my future.

miss rosie going home0002Home Sweet Home is my favorite quilt in the Miss Rosie Spice of Life series.  It’s made with flying geese, nine patches and squares.  They are all easy blocks to make and this is a great setting to use them.  At this point, we decided that we could add one new fabric to the challenge.   This is the only quilt that had one new fabric that was not in our stash.  I added the white background fabric.

My daughter’s daughter in law suggested to her that she make a Halloween house. It was her favorite holiday.

IMG_0754 (2)My daughter’s quilt is a fun quilt. There are trick or treaters, black cats, witches, cobwebs and lots of little things for Halloween. IMG_0753

The back is awesome. IMG_0793

IMG_0751Keeping with the holiday theme, I decided to make a Christmas quilt.  I had already sewn a house but put it away.  It is in the UFO pile and will be a center for another quilt some day.  I machine embroidered Santa and his sleigh leaving the roof of the house.  There is also a Christmas tree, a wreath, and garlands in the windows. IMG_0752

I used holographic thread for the icicles on the edge of the roof.  Each white space was hooped and machine quilted.  Then I free motion quilted in the other areas.

It is interesting to notice the difference in the backgrounds.  One has similar values and the other contrasting, dark and light, values.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

Vermont Quilt Festival day 2

What a grand day we had at the Vermont Quilt Festival today.  Our class with Sue Pelland was wonderful.  She taught us the technique of fusing and cutting appliques for Melissa’s Quilt.  Sue is very knowledgeable and gave us lots of information.

vqs2I never really wanted to do fusible applique, but using Sue’s method using Misty Fuse has changed my mind.  We started the day by cutting 5″ melons from the fabric that we had already applied Misty Fuse.  We used Sue Pelland’s Petit Leaves Galore ruler.  Then she showed us how to make a grid and lay out the melons.  This is the cut out melons.

vqs4Small bits of leftover fused fabric  was made into dragonflies.  They aren’t in the pattern for Melissa’s Quilt, but I’m going to put them next to the flowers in mine.

vqs3Some of the leftover fabric was cut into 2 1/2″ leaves for the border.  We also cut vines with the Leaves Galore ruler.  No bias cutting or hand applique.  The corner will turn nicely when I get to it.

vqs1The center is fused down and ready to button hole stitch around the melons.  When that is done, I will add the borders and fuse down the vine, leaves and flowers.  I will make sure that I finish it when I get home.  This will make a very pretty wall hanging or crib quilt.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



Vermont Quilt Festival Day one

It is a very nice, cool day in Vermont.  The sun is shining.   Sue and I have had our first class.  Lynn Harris was the teacher.  The class was Tiny Pieces.  We worked with one inch pieces of fabric for part of the class.  We did begin with small pieces that we put together in an improvised log cabin.  The squares are 4″.  I don’t know what I will do with them, but expect another small wall hanging for the give away box.  class1

The little red and white star is 2 1/4″ square.  It is very easy to make.class

IMG_1040We also learned how to make pinwheels, quarter square triangles and four patches using one inch pieces of fabric.  The two pieces are 2 1/2″ square.  The small inserts measure 1/2″ square.

It was a fun class and we did learn a lot.

The opening program and viewing of the quilts is tonight.

Have a great day and happy quilting.,

Moda Blockbuster 2

IMG_1004       IMG_1006    The climbing rose is beautiful this year.

This is the second in the Moda Blockbuster 2 series.  It is a simple 6″ nine patch consisting of two four patches and two half square triangles.  It was fun  and easy to make.  We need easy once in a while.  The third block should show up in an e-mail today or tomorrow.  It will have to wait in cyber space until I’m back in Maine.  IMG_1009




I like to make four patches and “smush” the seams on the back.  Is that a valid quilting term?  The block lays much flatter which is great for quilting.  IMG_1008

I’m off to Vermont in about one hour.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

Gaa-Barge and a Puzzle

Some of the flowers from my N.H. garden.

IMG_1003   IMG_0995   IMG_0999

IMG_1013I was looking for a quilt in a stack in the bathroom linen closet when I found this quilt.  I know that I made it because of the quilting and the backing, but the front puzzled me.  I didn’t remember making it.  The colors are not my colors.  Then I remembered that the orange and yellow bins were overflowing because I don’t usually use those colors.  I took all the colors and fabrics that I didn’t like and put them in this quilt.

IMG_1014Then I couldn’t figure how I made the block.  It must have been a technique that I learned because I have a gaa-bage piece with the same pattern.  IMG_0485


It’s definitely not a mile a minute.  After pondering this puzzle for a while, I remembered taking a class in Vermont with Linda McGehee.  It was a pocketbook class where we made different textured fabric. I learned spiral piecing and other ways of creating texture with fabrics.   I have Linda’s book and there it was.  It is called Lattice Piecing. It is made by cutting and inserting strips several times.  Each of the series of cuts is at a different angle.  When I made this quilt, I must have put it into the closet, out of sight and forgotten.

Miss Molly has inspected the quilt and seems to like it. IMG_1015

Now that I have Linda’s book out, I should try some of her other techniques.  That would be fun to do.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


I am back in N. H. for a few days to get ready to go to the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I left Maine in a rain storm, but the sun was out half way down.  The weather was beautiful today until suppertime when a thunderstorm came up.  Miss Molly does not like thunder and was very upset.  I think that she likes Maine much better.  She enjoys taking a nap on the swing in Maine and does not like to go outside here in N. H.

This morning, I had six poppies in my Maine garden. My flowers are beautiful here.  I’ll take some pictures tomorrow unless the rain storm destroyed them,  We really needed the rain.

IMG_0301Years ago, when at the quilt festival, I designed a Dresden Plate quilt in my head.  It was going to use hand dyed fabric as well as some purchased ones.  I gathered the fabric for several years. The colors had to be just right. When I think back about some of my earlier quilts I realize that I gathered fabric for years for some until I had just the right combination.    The medallions are very large and the quilt grew to king size.  It is beautiful in its simplicity.

IMG_0312I saw a pattern that stated spectacular quilts from simple shapes. I thought it would be nice to make a simple quilt.  I didn’t pay attention to what it really said.  It did not say simple quilt.  It said simple shape.  The simple shape was a square.  The quilt was not simple to make.   I started gathering fabrics for this quilt and liked what I had, but there was something missing.  At that time, I was teaching some of my co workers how to quilt.  We quilted at my dining room table that had a cutting mat that covered the whole table.  I had found it at a yard sale for $2.00.  It was fun.  We could cut anywhere near our machine.  I miss that mat.  One of my friends had bought a piece of pink fabric at Keepsake Quilting.  She laid it on top of my pile of fabric so we could see it.  That was it!!! Just the right color to finish my spectacular quilt.  I sent a piece of the selvage to Keepsake with a check and by return mail I had my accent fabric.

Every quilt does have a story.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


Gaa Barge

Miss Molly and I were sitting on the porch swing enjoying the cool evening air.  I had some un-sewing to do and she was just taking it easy.  There are two poppies tonight with more to come. IMG_0987  I don’t know what these flowers are but they are small and very pretty.  IMG_0988  The end of the driveway is filled with these pretty little flowers.  They weren’t there last year and who knows where they came from.  IMG_0989

When I decided to make the gaa-Barge series, I made a mission statement.  In the statement I said that I would make one a week and even if they were not good, I would keep them in the series.  This one is not good.  After the success of the underwater scene, I thought that I would make a landscape.  This is part of the White Mountains as seen from a cabin where we stayed during a fishing trip.


It’s a good thing to make an awful piece once in a while.  It makes you think and do much better the next time.  I can only say that this one inspired me to do better.

I think that I did because I figured out a way to make Landscape Gaa-Barge and even taught a class with the procedure.  This one stays in the series to remind me that not all quilts are well made or beautiful.

Next week, when there is another Gaa-Barge post, I’ll show you one of my class examples and just maybe will tell you how to do it.

Have a great day and happy quilting.