The Flower wall hanging

I haven’t worked on the flower wall hanging for a long time.  When I started this project, I wanted to finish it by February.  I think it might be February next year as I intend to hand quilt this one.  The right side of the main body is appliqued.

IMG_2021This week, I added an iris, two poppies and have a mystery flower ready to applique.  I think that it’s some kind of a hanging day lily.   I pinned the pieces of the mystery flower to a paper so that I would remember which piece goes where and the order to sew them down.   I may tone down some of the colors on that flower.  It is dark. It’s easy to change my mind before the pieces are sewn down.IMG_2022



All the other flower and leaf pattern pieces are cut out of Gypsy applique freezer paper.  The  freezer paper has been ironed to fabric, but the fabric has not been cut to size yet.    I still have a rose, an iris and a rose bud to place on that side of the wall hanging.  I might cut them out and prepare all of them for appliqueing.  Then I can pin them to paper and put them in the spot where  they will go.  That will tell me if I need to change any of the colors.


Have a great day and happy quilting.


A Work in Progress

IMG_2012I have made all fifty 6″ blocks in the Kimberly Einmo book, Pre Cut Bonanza.  The book has 200 pieced blocks from cut strips and shapes.  I intend to make all the blocks eventually. The quilt that was made with the 10″ blocks still hasn’t been quilted.  It is on the “to do” list.  There are still 8″, 12″, 14″, 16″ and big blocks to make.  That is for the future.  I’ll be checking magazines and the Internet for settings for those blocks.

The solid color fabric drawer was stuffed to overflowing so the 6″ blocks were made with just solid fabric.  I had hoped to use it up.  At least I can shut the drawer now.  I don’t usually buy solid fabric and had used most of what I had in one of the Miss Rosie quilts.  Some of my friends are no longer quilting and some of their fabric ended up in my fabric drawers.  I should never have to buy fabric again as long as I make scrap quilts. Most of it was solid color fabric.

The quilt will be set on the diagonal. Each block has a different color border.  Then there will be black sashing with different colored corner squares.  The sashings are  cut 1 1/2″ wide.  I was able to cut the corner squares out of the leftover fabric.  Everything that was cut will be used. The setting triangles will be black and it will have a black binding.

IMG_2011This is the first and second rows of the quilt.  I’ll add the black setting triangles to the rows before I sew the rows together. I might even change my mind and use another color.  I could even use half blocks in that spot.  The quilt will speak to me when I get to that point.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


Moda blockhead

I am caught up on piecing the Moda Blockhead block of the week again.  Somehow, piecing the 6″ and 12″ blocks seem easier than piecing and appliqueing the  4 1/2″ Dear Jane blocks.  I have enjoyed this project, especially because it uses the Japanese fabric that my daughter gave to me.  The project will be finished in a few weeks.  I have two other patterns that are ready for that fabric.

IMG_2008Block # 42 is a 12″ block




IMG_2009Block # 43 is a 6″block




IMG_2010Block # 44 is a 12″ block




The original instructions said that there would be 46 blocks so the end of this project is near.  The plan for joining the blocks together should be interesting.  There are  several different sizes.

IMG_2007I have finished sewing the binding on a quilt.  I was helped by my special helper, Miss Molly. She always lays on a quilt when I’m hand quilting or sewing binding.  It must be her pre-quality control inspection.  I’ve learned to take a big handful in my lap, leaving her just enough to be comfortable.


Have a great day and happy quilting.

Crafty Things

Congratulations to King, a Wire Fox Terrier, who make “Best Of show” at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. He is a beautiful dog.

I have several baskets on shelfs.  The other day, I decided to see what was in them as I hadn’t looked in them for a while. One of the baskets had pretty boxes that I had embellished.  I had forgotten them.  When I put them in the basket, I had intended to put a shelf over the computer station  to hold them.  The shelf is still not up, but there is hope that I will paint or stain it some day and put it on the wall.IMG_1998IMG_1999

The wire mesh boxes were embellished with flowers that were made out of paper.  The paper was stitched and pressed to make them more realistic.  Then the centers were filled with thread. IMG_1997They could hold small treasures.  .




IMG_2001I still have three empty boxes and several flowers. When the shelf is up, I’ll finish them.  Then they can be with the others for a pretty display.



IMG_2003Also in the basket were three small boxes that I made from greeting cards and a photograph.  Greeting card boxes are very small, but are a nice way to present a small gift.


IMG_2004The bottom box is make from a photo of Miss Molly.  The photo was a little larger than a greeting card, so made a larger box.

I may find other forgotten treasures when I check out baskets and bins.

I’ve been working on  two different challenges.  One top is finished and is ready to quilt.  The other is still being pieced.  It has a lot of pieces and will take a while to finish.  I’m pleased with it so far.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

A Finished quilt

The Guild met last Friday night.  David Taylor was our speaker.  His quilts are absolutely awesome.  It was a wonderful night that was enjoyed by all.

I’ve had two quilts at the long arm quilter.  I quilt my smaller ones, but send the larger ones out.  I knew that I had sent quilts that I made last summer, but I couldn’t remember what they were.

I’ve been looking at four block quilts on Pinterest, as I have a drawer of cut squares.  They are cut 2 1/2″, 5″ and other sizes.  There are a lot of 2 1/2″ squares and I’ve been looking for a pattern for them.  There was one quilt that I thought would be perfect to use the squares.

IMG_1992When I received the quilted quilt last week, I was surprised to see that I had already made that one in 5″ squares.   Last summer, I took a box of scraps to Maine and tried to use them up.  Now, I’m wondering what the other quilt at the long arm quilter looks like.

This is such a pretty quilt.  It’s so easy to make.  The white strips are 1/2 the size of the squares.  It could be made with any size square with that formula.

IMG_1994The quilting made the quilt.  It is quilted in a pale blue.  ‘The back is beautiful. IMG_1993

I may still make the quilt with the smaller squares.  It could be made with beginners and enders.  It would be a good way to use up that drawer of fabric.


Have a great day and happy quilting.


I have a big pile of UFO tops on a closet shelf.  Some have been there for a long time.  I should just quilt them and move them along.

IMG_1972This star quilt was made many years ago.  The center poofs out.  I either have to quilt it down or redo the center.  It wouldn’t take long to finish it as it is a small quilt.  When it is finished it will either go into the give away box or become a charity quilt.


IMG_1977Years ago I had a stack and whack class with Bethany Reynolds.  I should have used a floral print, but instead, used golfer fabric.  This was the only quilt that I finished in a class.  Usually, I have to finish them at home.  After all the stack and whack pieces were sewn together, I realized that there were body parts everywhere going around in a circle.  Who would want this quilt?  Maybe if I quilted it and put it into the give away bin someone would take it away.

IMG_1978     IMG_1976

IMG_1974I used to have a surger.  It was a simple one but I didn’t like it.  Probably, I didn’t practice enough to give it a chance.  I did make one quilt, but the corners didn’t match. The surger wasn’t really made to make a quilt.  It didn’t help that the fabric made it look like a big overripe watermelon.  It’s the perfect size for a Linus quilt.  When I finish it, it will have a home.  Someone will like a cheery watermelon quilt.

IMG_1979This brown quilt must have been made many years ago.  There was a period of time when I used brown fabric in my quilts all the time.  This is the only unfinished brown quilt  that I have.  It is pretty.  Miss Molly has inspected it and thinks that I should quilt it and give it to someone who will enjoy it. IMG_1981




There are many more unfinished quilts on the shelf.  Most of them are small.  Some are twin size.  They all have different reasons why I haven’t quilted them.  It would be nice to have an empty shelf.  I should get busy and quilt them one at a time.

Have a great day and happy quilting.




The International Challenge quilt is on the basting rack and has been thread basted.  It is ready to quilt. IMG_1964

I know that I am going to make a small stipple with white thread around the embroideries.  A decision will have to be made about the thread and the quilting for the green and red blocks.


IMG_1965I had some extra blocks so I found a feather quilting pattern that would fit.  I used green Aurifil thread.  It is very nice, but when I set it on the quilt to see how it would look, it was distracting.  There were too many circles.


IMG_1969       IMG_1970I did some ruler work on the other blocks with different colored thread.  Also some free motion quilting.  I still don’t like ruler work.  Maybe some day I’ll enjoy it, but I’ll have to practice a long time to get to that point.  I’m glad that I practiced on other blocks and didn’t jump in and quilt something that I didn’t like.  The red center of one block was very nice quilted with dark green thread.  It had a very small border and free motion quilting.


I have a lot of solid fabric so I pieced strips with the colors of the blocks.  Then I embroidered quilting patterns, stopping and changing colors to see how the quilting would look with the different colored thread.  None of the quilting patterns looked right.  I did decide that the light green fabric should be quilted with light green thread and the darker green fabric should be quilted with darker green thread.  I did like how the red fabric looked with the darker green thread.

IMG_1968I found a quilting pattern that had a center flower and thought that I could change colors to make it fit on the block.  It is a nice quilting pattern, but it was not right for this quilt.  Making it did give me an idea for making another quilt.  I could  make quilted 8″ squares with solid fabric and put them into a quilt.  Very fast and easy.  That’s for another day.

The final decision is that the thread color should match the fabric, except for the red fabric.  That will be toned down with dark green thread.  The embroideries are so busy that seeing a quilting pattern on the other block is distracting.  Using the same color thread in free motion quilting will give texture and not take away from the embroidery block. I won’t stipple quilt, but will make a leafy meander or another background filler.  The spaces are small so the filler should be a small one.

Have a great day and happy quilting.