Good morning.  A few years ago,  I made a mission statement.  I would take cut off scraps, any fabric from the waste basket or floor and make a litle quilt.  I would make one each week for a year and add them to the series even if they were bad. I woud call the project “Garbage to Gaa-Barge.” It was so much fun, I became know as the lady that robbed waste baskets at classes.  Fellow class members started putting their scraps on my table and wondering what I was going to do with them,  This worked well for 32 weeks and then gardening took over my time.  This year, I will finish the project and have all 52 quilts.  The first one is 18″ x 22″  It is made with triangles cut off when sewing and flipping corners.  Each little red square has eight pieces.

This little quilt is just right for a doll quilt.


Have a great day.

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