Long Term Quilts

A long Term Quilt is one that I work on a little bit at a time and will take a long time to finish.  I might work on one a few minutes a day or just pick it up to work on when I feel like it.  They will eventually get finished.

IMG_0832I have finished the Canadian Women 150 quilt.  It was started in December 2016 and finished in February 2018.  I made three blocks a week for 50 weeks.  The quilt was hand quilted in two rows of twelve blocks and then the panels were sewn together.  The interesting part of this project was the stories of 150 different Canadian women,  The quilt has been inspected by Miss Molly, my quality control inspector, and she has deemed it fit to sleep under.

IMG_0842I am working on a Grandmother’s Garden quilt which I inherited from my mother.  She had pieced twelve blocks and basted paper on several hexagons.  There were no instructions on how to put these blocks together, but after a time, I figured it out.  I also bought some fabric that look like the era of the fabric that she had used.  The quilt is hand pieced. IMG_0843It is the quilt that I piece when I go to meetings or friends houses.   I keep the pieces in a bag with the thread, etc. so that I can pick it up anytime I’m ready to go.  My friends are asking me how many more blocks, when will it be done.  I think that I should make it a priority and finish it.

IMG_0846Even Miss Molly says “Get it done!!”



Happy quilting

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