At this time of year, there are only thoughts about gardening.  Spring is not far away when we can put our thoughts in action.

OIMG_0286ne of my favorite spring flowers is the poppy.  The colors are so beautiful.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t last too long.  But, there are other beauties that follow.

The bud of the poppy is exceptionally beautiful.  It looks like a quilted picture.  On the theme of choosing flower colors for quilts, these are some of the fabrics that I pulled from my stash to make a block.  Maybe, by next week, I can show the block made with these colors.IMG_0851

When the poppy bud opens, it is a brilliant orange with a very deep purple center. I would never think to put these two colors into a block.   These colors, along with a multitude of greens makes a very different block than the bud block.  IMG_0284




If I make flower blocks each week, I would eventually have a very pretty sampler quilt.  Do I really need another long term quilt?   Now that I have this thought is in my head, I probably will.  I could put it together with making all the blocks in Kimberly Einmo’s book.  I need to stop thinking and get to quilting.

Have a happy quilting day.

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