Long Term Quilts

Last January, I went to the Dear Jane Club at the Quilt Shop.  A quilter in another group was making a Temperature Quilt and it was fascinating.  Each block was a flying geese. The goose was the warmest temperature of the day and the sky was the coldest. How hard could that be, making one flying geese a day.

IMG_0873Temperatures were charted in 5 degree increments and a fabric assigned to each 5 degrees. The temperatures were written on baggies and a fabric inserted in each baggie.  I had a lot of batique scraps  and put a different color in each baggie.


IMG_0874The baggies are kept in order in a bin.

Each morning, I check the temperatures on my I phone and pull the correct baggies from the bin.  It takes one minute to cut the three pieces with Kimberly Einmo’s Flying geese ruler.  Her method uses 2 1/2″ strips, so if I had used that temperature before, there is usually a 2 1/2″ strip already cut  in the bag.  Sometime during the day , when I am sewing, I sew the one flying geese.  It is a beginner and ender block.  There are just three seams,  Two to add the sky and one to place it on the strip.  I press the seams when I’m pressing something else.  It’s like making a quilt and not knowing it.  IMG_0872The joining seams are pressed open.

This is a year long project. If I’m not near my sewing room,  I can keep the temperatures in the message app in my phone and make the geese later.  If I forget to do this, there is a temperature app online that tells me the information that I need.

I have the temperatures of five different states in my phone.  Utah, California, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Maine. If a Temperature Quilt was made for each city, they would all be different, even if the fabric was the same.

IMG_0876The quilt is very busy,  Some of the fabrics don’t play well with the adjoining fabric, so I’m thinking of making a 1″ black Kona sashing between the months just to rest the eyes.  If I add the sashing each month, it will keep the months in order.   On the months that do not have 31 days, I can add rectangles of black at the end of the month.  The center of the quilt would be 62 1/2″ L x 59″ wide.   The geese are 2″ x 4″ finished.    (12 x 4″ = 48″  & 11 1″ sashing  11″  = 59″)

It will be interesting to see the colors change to summer colors and then  back to winter colors.  The sides of the quilt should be about the same colors.

Have a great day and happy quilting

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