Finished UFO


a6How do you make a queen sized quilt from seven 12″ blocks?  Check with Sharon Craigue’s book – Setting Solutions,  It has a wealth of information.  Sharon tells how to make blocks the same size,  gives templates  so that you can insert your blocks,  and how to incorporate different blocks into a quilt.  It’s an amazing book.

a12I had several orphan blocks which I made for examples of the block of the month. So far, I have made three quilts and have more to do.  My block bin is still full.


a5         a11          a10              a8       a7

This quilt is 88″ x 106″. I haven’t named it yet.  I sure that a name will come to me soon.  So far, I just call it the big quilt.a3




UFO’s are going to stop for a while.  I have to make two baby quilts.  The baby shower announcement for one baby came in yesterday’s mail so I have to start that one.  The other baby is due a month later, so I should finish that one also. At least the top is done so it can be counted as a UFO.  Does it count for a UFO if I finish a quilt that never hits the UFO pile?

Have a great day and happy quilting.





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