Miss Rosie Quilts

IMG_2213 (3)Several years ago, I bought a book called Miss Rosie’s Spice of Life by Carrie L Nelson.  There are 13 quilt designs in the book. When I showed it to my daughter, I remarked that I liked every quilt in the book and I would make them all.  She challenged me to make all the quilts from my stash and I counter challenged her to make them all, also.    All the quilts were made from our fabric stashes.  Even though we thought that our stashes would diminish, they did not.   It took over one year for each of us to make all thirteen quilts. I machine quilted mine and she sent hers to a long arm quilter as she still worked full time.  We were so happy to sew the last stitch on this project.

IMG_2212 (2)This is the first quilt in the book.  It is called Whirligig.



IMG_0677I made mine using solid fabrics with a black background.


IMG_0663 (2)Hers was done in browns, reds yellow and beige.



It was fun to see how different colors made the quits look very different.

Look for Miss Rosie #2 next week.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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