From the past

I was looking for some photos yesterday, when I came across an album of pictures of quilts and other objects that I no longer have.  They were all given away for gifts.  I thought that I would share the pictures with you from time to time.

emb50003I’m not sure who received some of the quilts, pillows and tote bags.  I did find that I had written “Christmas 2003” on the back of the pictures of two of the pillows.  “Mother” was written on the back of the pictures of two other pillows and the tote bag.  I have the tote bag, but don’t know where the pillows are.  When I pull the other pictures from the sleeves, maybe it will remind me who has the gift.     emb10002 (2)   emb10002 (2)   emb10001 (3)

emb40002 (2)I did a lot of embroidery work in that time period.  I noticed that several of the quilts have embroideries. They are so pretty.  I should take time to make some more.  I think that I stopped as everyone had their fill of my embroideries.emb50002 (2)

It does take more than pushing a button to make an embroidery.  Several embroideries were combined into one unit.  All the pieces also have free motion stipple quilting.  Then, the have borders and other finishing touches.

I still haven’t found the pictures that I was looking for.  I’ll keep looking.  Maybe, I’ll find another goldmine.

Have a great day and happy quilting,

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