I am still checking all my closets and the attic for UFOs.  There are so many.  The pile does not get any smaller. I find more every day.  I did find a stack of table mats that are  fun.  I can remember finding the watermelon seed fabric and making the mats.  Then, I went on to other things and put them aside.


I’ve finished four.  They have a solid color backing.  They will go to the Charleston, Me firemen’s silent auction.IMG_0754



IMG_0757There are four watermelon slices left to finish,  I’ll find a seasonal fabric for the backing.  Maybe a Christmas theme.  That will make them reversible and I can use them in the winter,



IMG_0758I also found two lemon slices.  How fun is that!!  Great for a tea or a picnic.   The backing could be another season or holiday.  It takes just a few minutes to sew around the mats, The turning hole can be sewn while I watch TV.  They finish so quickly.


I must have used a template and cut with scissors when I made the mats.  I didn’t have a 10 degree ruler at that time.  Cutting out the pieces four at a time with the ruler would streamline the process.  A set of half circle table mats would make a great shower or Christmas gift.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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