From the Archives

These quilts were given as gifts for various reasons.

aqI have a friend who wasn’t married, but had a girl friend for nine years.  He asked me if I would make a quilt for him.  I replied, Yes, when you and A get married, I will make a quilt for you.  What is your favorite color?  It was blue.  I never expected them to be married so thought I wouldn’t  have to make the quilt. I was surprised the next year to hear of the wedding,  I made the quilt.  It is one of my favorite scrap quilts and is the first one that I machine quilted. Someday, I want to make another one in this pattern.



One of my co-workers married a much older man.  She had learned to quilt at my dining room table after work.  The office gave her a baby shower when she was expecting her son and this was my gift to her.  When she opened the present, she told everyone how wonderful it was and how hard that quilt was to make.  There are Y seams which I don’t find hard, but apparently she did.





A family had a house fire in another city.  They lost everything,  I made this log cabin quilt for them, but don’t remember who they were.




Have a great day and happy quilting.

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