Early Quilts

After I had pieced my first two quilts, I wanted to know how to actually quilt them.  I saw an ad for a quilting class.  I signed up, hoping to learn how to quilt, only to find out that it was a piecing class, not a quilting class.

I did learn a lot.  One of the handouts was a quilting dictionary.  I had no idea that there was a quilting language.


We made a sampler wall hanging.  I still didn’t know how to “quilt”, but just sewed the top, batting and backing together.




I started to quilt using the Quilters Newsletter magazine.  In one of the issues, I found a pretty wall hanging.  At the time, it was so hard to make.  It took a long time.  Of course, at that time, I made templates, drew around them and cut out each piece separately.  Now, as I look at it, it is just nine patches and strip pieces.  Using a rotary cutter and ruler would make this wall hanging very easy to make.







Have a great day and happy quilting.

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