Long Term Quilts

I’m still working on several long term quilts.  This is an update on two of them.

long term 1Four months are finished on the temperature quilt.  It’s interesting to see how the color changes as the weather becomes warmer.  Each row contains the highest and lowest temperature of the day.  The warmest temperature is the geese and the lowest is the sky.  I’m up to date with eight geese getting ready to fly. It will take 365 days to make all the geese and then the quilting.




long term 2My mother’s Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt is showing progress.  I’m sewing all the white hexagons around the bottom edge and then will decide where to place the other blocks.    I’ve finished nine additional blocks and have a few more cut out in case I need them.  I still haven’t decided whether I will add another row or not.  This quilt is taking forever, but it is relaxing to hand sew in in the evening.



Have a great day and happy quilting,

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