Challenge Quilts

I’ve never met a challenge that I didn’t like.  We had two different challenges at the Guild this year.  Both were small pieces, which I like to do as it doesn’t take long to complete them.

The first is a modern paint chip challenge.  We drew two different chips and were given a third chip. We could use only these three colors.  No other colors could be used, including neutral colors.a2

The colors had to read as a solid and should match the paint chip colors as closely as possible.  We could only use 10% of the third color.  The quilt had to measure 18″ x 18″.  All piecing and quilting designs were up to the individual.

My quilt was hand appliqued and machine quilted.a3





The second challenge was a pizza box challenge.,  If we wanted to do the challenge, we took a pizza box that had a small or mini quilt pattern in it.  We added all the fabric and batting needed to finish the quilt and took the pizza box back to the Guild.  There we swapped the boxes unseen and made the quilt from what was in the box.a1

The box that I picked up had a delightful little doll quilt and very nice fabric,  It was easy to piece.  I machine quilted it with a wavy line and bound it with a flange binding.  It will make a nice gift for a little girl.



Have a great day and happy quilting.

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