Mystery Quilt

I love to make mystery quilts. It’s fun to use another person’s design.  Of course, when you begin, you have no idea what the end result will be.  You only know what value the fabric should be – light, medium, dark, etc. Instructions are given one at a time for several days or weeks.  Only, at the turn of the last page, will you know what the quilt will look like.

Several years ago, I made the quilt that is pictured below.  I had made other mystery quilts designed by this quiltmaker.  They came out very nice.  This quilt  took a lot of days and lots of sewing,  When I finished the top, I realized that I could have made it in half the time, cutting and sewing my own way.  It could have been made with squares and half square triangles.  It was a simple block made complicated.  Live and learn.  The mystery was why this designer chose to sew it this way.

IMG_0291 (2)

It is a very pretty little quilt anyway.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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