Gaa-Barge and a Puzzle

Some of the flowers from my N.H. garden.

IMG_1003   IMG_0995   IMG_0999

IMG_1013I was looking for a quilt in a stack in the bathroom linen closet when I found this quilt.  I know that I made it because of the quilting and the backing, but the front puzzled me.  I didn’t remember making it.  The colors are not my colors.  Then I remembered that the orange and yellow bins were overflowing because I don’t usually use those colors.  I took all the colors and fabrics that I didn’t like and put them in this quilt.

IMG_1014Then I couldn’t figure how I made the block.  It must have been a technique that I learned because I have a gaa-bage piece with the same pattern.  IMG_0485


It’s definitely not a mile a minute.  After pondering this puzzle for a while, I remembered taking a class in Vermont with Linda McGehee.  It was a pocketbook class where we made different textured fabric. I learned spiral piecing and other ways of creating texture with fabrics.   I have Linda’s book and there it was.  It is called Lattice Piecing. It is made by cutting and inserting strips several times.  Each of the series of cuts is at a different angle.  When I made this quilt, I must have put it into the closet, out of sight and forgotten.

Miss Molly has inspected the quilt and seems to like it. IMG_1015

Now that I have Linda’s book out, I should try some of her other techniques.  That would be fun to do.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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