Little Rose

rose 1Several years ago I found this little rose pattern on Pam Bono’s web site.  The quilt is 8″ x 10″. The pattern was given a little bit each day for seven days.  Then, after a week,  you had a little gift for Mom on Mother’s Day.  I have made four of these little quilts as they are great to give for gifts and take very little time in sewing and quilting the block. It is a great way to practice machine quilting.

On the first day, the pieces are cut out and labeled with a block letter, unit number and lower case addition.  There is a chart and pictures as the piecing could be confusing until you learn Pam’s method of sewing the block.  It is a neat and easy method of adding pieces until the block is completed.

I did cut and label the pieces the first day and then decided to wait until all instructions arrived before sewing the block.  I finished it in an afternoon.  Later on, Pam published a larger piece using three different colored roses.  I haven’t made that one yet.  rose3Pieces are added in order.  Some are sewn on a diagonal, covering multiple parts that were already pieced. It goes together like a picture puzzle.  Even with the pieces lettered and numbered, mistakes can be made.rose4

I also have a pattern for a sampler quilt which is shown in three different color ways.  Pam’s quilts go together easily, but there is a lot of cut off waste so I probably won’t make that one.



Pam has a lot of beautiful patterns on her web site.  She also had patterns in quilting magazines.  I just checked Pam Bono’s website and found out that she passed away in 2014.  She had designed such beautiful quilts.

This little quilt is a gift for someone.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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