Bonanza 200 blocks

I was sewing late this morning when I heard a lot of loud screeching in the back yard.  The grackles usually made a little noise, but not like this.  I went to the window to see what was going on.  There were over two dozen little grackles flying around.  They were going up and down and over and under.  It’s a wonder that they didn’t bump into each other.  All the time they were flying, they were screeching.  Every once in a while, they all flew into the trees and were quiet and then all came back out, screeching louder.   Mama must have taught them how to fly today and they were having the best time.  They were screeching with joy for learning how to fly.  Then, they must have been tired because they went into the trees and were very quiet.  It must have been nap time and Mama was tired too.  There are probably several nests and several mothers. There were too many babies for one mother.  Maybe tomorrow they will learn how to fly in a row.  I hope that they come back and I can watch them again.

I am still working on Kimberly Einmo’s book, Bonanza 200.  I’ve almost finished sewing the blocks in the 10″ section, just a few more to go.  The last two blocks are on the diagonal, so I have to find a diagonal setting this group of blocks.  The straight blocks will be fine in a diagonal setting.  a8    a7

I enjoy using Kimberly’s patterns.  I have her jelly roll ruler and her flying geese ruler.  They are both accurate and easy to use.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

P.S.  When you master a new technique, you are allowed to “screech” with joy.

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