Pin Basting Melissa’s Quilt

mel3Melissa’s quilt is finally pin basted and ready to quilt.  As I was eating breakfast, I realized that the kitchen table was a good size for pin basting. My regular basting table is in the garage.  It is a rainy day and cold and damp in the garage.  I think that I’ll stay inside.


mel4The clamps fit on the edge of table.  They held the two long sides.  The backing and batting was clamped on the ends, but the top was a little too short.  I pulled the ends as I pinned to make the top taut also.




I probably use more pins than I need to use but the pieces are not going to move when I quilt.

mel2 The pins are all placed, but not shut.  I do that later using a grapefruit spoon as an aid.

Here the pins are all shut  mel1

melIf I forget to close a pin, it stands up and is very obvious.




The background fabric is a beautiful white on white batique that I bought at the Bittersweet Fabric Shop in Boscawen.  As I was piecing the quilt, I realized that the design is separated feathers.  I think that I will quilt around the feathers and use a few swirls to connect them together.  I don’t know what I will do with the melons.  While I’m quilting the feathers, I’ll make a decision about that.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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