Non quilting fun

This morning I marked and quilted another border on the Melissa quilt.  Hopefully, I will finish quilting tomorrow.  Then the binding has to be sewn on.  It is a small quilt so that shouldn’t take long.

I had a great afternoon.  I had seen some tote bags made from plastic shopping bags and wanted to learn how to do that.  GW invited me and another guild member to her home and we had a lesson.

The bags are crocheted.  I have done crochet before, but, I preferred quilting so I hadn’t crocheted in years.  Crocheting with yarn and crocheting with plastic bags are two very different things, especially if one has forgotten the technique.  It took me most of the afternoon to figure out how to hold the hook and find the hole to put it in.  Also to increase the tension so I could find the hole.

GW showed us how to fold the plastic bags and how to cut them.  After cutting, the strands are rolled into a ball. All of the prep work can be done while watching TV.    There is a lot of yardage in a shopping bag.  I didn’t realize how many different colored bags are in the stores.  Mine were mostly tan and gray.

IMG_1411Strips of plastic bags in balls


My first three rows.

IMG_1409Bags ready for linings.



The bags are crocheted with two different color strands of plastic.  It took a long time for me to finish the first row. I kept dropping one of the strands and had to pull it out and start again.  My tension was too tight.  I have a better appreciation of a new quilter now.  It is hard to learn a new craft.

GW showed us how to complete the bag even though we both weren’t too far along with our project.   She makes her bags very fast.  She also is making a rug.IMG_1412




The bags have a lining with pockets and a zipper.  They can be any size.  I came home with lots of colored plastic bags which I will organize by color.  I’ll also fold them in preparation for cutting.  I’m sure that once I finish one bag I will make them faster.

IMG_1414       IMG_1413

Two bags waiting for handles, linings etc.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

Don’t forget to try something new.




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