UFO almost finished

A little while back, one of my daughters came to my house for a visit.  I brought out the “give away” bin and she chose a piece.  I mentioned that I was working on another piece and it was going into the “give away” bin.  When she saw it, she folded up the piece that she had chosen and put it back into the bin.  She said “I’ll wait for that one.” I had intended to work on it right away, but other projects kept getting in the way.

IMG_1575The wall hanging is made of hand and commercial dyed fabrics and a few other fabrics that went with it.  I machine quilted it with free motion quilting, even feed quilting and ruler quilting.   It is not quite finished because the binding is in N. H.  I have sewed the frame on the inside of the pink last border.  When the binding is sewn on, I will sew another frame and then quilt something between the frames.  It shouldn’t take too long to finish.IMG_1572

IMG_1573Miss Molly is examining the quilt.




What I have learned about ruler work.

It should be done on a flat bed machine with enough space in the front and back to hold the ruler tight.  My machine is slanted on the front and has very little space in the back to hold the ruler.

The table should be at an ergonomic height. Your arms and hands should be at a comfortable angle.  My dining room table is too tall and it is tiring to use the ruler.

The spot where the needle ends should be marked.  The needle sews 1/4″ away from the edge of the ruler.  It would be easier if you had a target to aim for.

The lighting should be good, so you can see where the ruler is behind the presser foot.

Ruler work is not enjoyable.  Maybe, when I get back to my sewing room in N. H. and all of the above items are corrected, I will enjoy the process better.  I haven’t sewn beyond a straight seam yet.  The books make it sound so easy.

I enjoy free motion quilting very much. Many of my quilts have been free motion quilted.

I have seen some tutorials from Leah Day about even feed foot quilting.  That sounds interesting.  She has a book with three quilts and all the instructions.  There are tutorials about all the processes including selecting fabric, processing the fabric before cutting and many more.

There is always something new to try when you quilt.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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