Dear Jane

It has been a rainy day all day today.  At least it isn’t cold.  It was warmer outside than inside.  I did open the porch windows for a while.  The rain doesn’t come in those windows.  Right now, it is pouring.  According to the weather report, the rain should stop around midnight after a brief thunder storm. Miss Molly will be hiding again.

I worked on a few projects  including Dear Jane.  The two blocks that I finished are the start of the fourth row.

IMG_1577   This was an easy one.  I cut the center to size.  Then I added oversized borders and corner squares, which I then cut down to size.  The four triangles were cut to size and bordered with white strips that were wider than they needed to be.  They were added to the four sides of the center square. When I trimmed the block to 5″. the white borders became the right size.  I fussy cut the basket weave fabric so that the weave would go in one direction.  It is quilted and ready to bind.

IMG_1578   This was a little more difficult.  I cut the center to size.  Then I paper pieced the borders with the triangle.  The red triangle was placed on the paper first and then the white was added to both sides.  The borders are mitered.  I pressed this seam open as the little corner pieces were appliqued over the mitered seam. The paper piecing made this unit perfect and I was able to add them with ease.  It also is quilted and ready to bind.

When the two blocks are bound, I’ll sew them onto the main quilt.

I checked the fabric that I have with me in Maine and there is only one that is the right color for the fourth row. I’ll work on that one and then I’ll have to wait until I get back to New Hampshire to work on more Dear Jane.

There are still more quilts in the UFO pile so I won’t lack something to do.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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