The UFO bin

I realized today that I haven’t touched the sewing machine since last Thursday.  I don’t know why I went a whole week without sewing.  Unless it’s because I’ve been busy packing, unpacking, and organizing.  Also catching up with friends and fellow quilters.

I went to the Kranky Kwilters this afternoon.  It was so good to be back.  I mentioned all the UFOs that I have and that I would give them away just to get them out of the sewing room.  It was suggested that I pack them in baggies and sell them at the boutique at our quilt show in the Spring.  It sounds like a good idea.  When I got home, I pulled out the bin in the library and started sorting.  I was also looking for a class project that I thought was there.  Most of the UFO’s were projects that I would never finish.  There were table runners and table toppers.  I found fabric and patterns that I had put together as a kit to finish sometime.  Also lots of blocks that I put in the charity quilt pile.  Two thirds of that bin are going.  I really had to want to finish the small portion that I kept.

Our Guild speaker on Friday night is Jo Diggs.  She is having a landscape class on Saturday and I will be there to enjoy her lesson.  I did have a class with Jo in Vermont years ago and did find the piece that I started in that class in the UFO bin.  IMG_1634

It is pretty but I’m wondering why I used brown fabric for the sky.  The class will probably be the same as I took before but I’m sure that there are some new tips that I will learn.  I’m using hand dyed gradated fabric this time.  The piece will look different.


One of the small pieces that I am going to keep from the UFO bin is a landscape that I free motion embroidered.  It just needs a border and some quilting.  The mountains should be thread painted and there should be another flower or two near the bottom.  It looks as if it should be inside an oval border.  Then it will be done.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I can go to the sewing room and have fun.  Maybe even finish something.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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