Jo Diggs

Last Friday night was Guild night.  Our speaker was Jo Diggs from Portland, Maine.  Jo is known for her awesome landscapes.  She showed us a collection of antique quilts and also some of her quilts and landscapes.  Her work is absolutely beautiful. It was a wonderful evening.

IMG_1642    IMG_1643

On Saturday, nine of the Guild members had a class with Jo.  She led us through the process of making landscape quilts.  Our fabrics were all different.  Because of that, all the pieces that were made were different.  The beginnings of the landscapes were much nicer than the photos.

Some were dark and beautiful. IMG_1640


This one by Evelyn was awesome.  The sun lit up the scene.IMG_1641


I had a class with Jo several years ago at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  The piece that I made in that class is now ready to finish.  IMG_1657



This is how we start to make a piece.  IMG_1644Putting the black construction paper around the picture helps with the sizing and placement of the fabric.    IMG_1639

I used some of my hand dyed fabric for the new piece.  The fabric allowed me to have a reflection of the sun.  I thought that I could combine the two pieces and Jo suggested a triptych.  I made a second piece similar to the one that I made on Saturday so there would be three.  It also has reflection, but the sun is in a different direction.  There is a small mountain lake in both of the pictures.  When I put the three pieces together, they  didn’t look good.  The purchased fabric and the hand dyed just don’t play well together.  I’ll mat them separately and then hang the two similar ones as a pair. The first picture is the one that was started in class as shown above.  There were a lot of changes.IMG_1655   IMG_1656

They should be matted and framed within a week.  It is exciting to have something almost finished.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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