IMG_1694It’s November already.  I finally changed the small monthly wall hanging. I hadn’t changed it since July.  Sue didn’t go out trick or treating.  She can today.IMG_1693

IMG_1701When I was getting the wall hanging out of the drawer, I found another one.  This was made for a Guild challenge many years ago.  I’m not sure what the criteria was for the challenge, but I remember that we were given beads to use in the piece. It was hand quilted.   The fabric was obtained at a Guild quilt show.  Keepsake Quilting was a vendor at the show. They had a large bin of fabric.  We could stuff a plastic shopping bag for a very small price.  I knew that I would use the fabric some day when I bought it. It seems as if I have a lot of fabric that I bought that way.  Some day, I will have a use for it.

IMG_1698   IMG_1696

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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