Dear jane

I played with Jane today.  The stack of finished squares is getting higher.  I did make some out of sequence, but when I get to those rows, I’ll be ahead.  I’m glad that I bought the EQ Dear Jane program.  It tells me the best way to piece the blocks.  I can print off patterns for paper piecing.  There is a wealth of information in that program.

Two blocks were paper pieced today.  They are ready for quilting.  I finished quilting one other block and tacked down the binding on two other  blocks.  It sounds like a lot of work, but the blocks are finished at 4 1/2″.  It doesn’t take long to put a binding on the sides.  Some of the parts that are paper pieced are very small.  See the corner squares in the bottom block in the first picture. I never could piece them the regular way.

Three blocks are ready to applique.  Again, I’m glad that they are small.  When all the blocks that I’ve been working on are finished, row D should be done.  I had intended to make the blocks in the fourth row around the center block.  Somehow, I became sidetracked and processed a whole row.

IMG_1730   IMG_1729    IMG_1728   IMG_1727

There will be no sewing tomorrow as I will be out of the house all day.  Maybe I can go into the archives and find a quilt that I haven’t talked about yet.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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