The Mistake

It was a very rainy and cold day today.  After a meeting at the Community Center this morning, I decided to not sew or quilt, but to clear out the piles of quilt pictures and patterns that I never would make.  They seemed very nice at the time that I saved them, but I know that I will never make them, so the paper had to go.  I still have loads of patterns and ideas left.  I probably won’t make them, but I can think about it.

It must be getting near Christmas as my Christmas cactus is blooming.  It is beautiful.  The trick to getting Christmas cactus blooms is to close the insulated drapes around them and keep them cool with the cool night air on the windows.   They won’t bloom with the warm air in the house.  IMG_1739


IMG_1737     IMG_1736


IMG_1753I saw a beautiful quilt on the Missouri Star Quilt Company web site.  It was a simple nine patch that was cut and the pieces turned in a different direction.  It was different than the other blocks that I had made. The nine patches were set without sashing.  I decided to make half size blocks so that I could make another Linus quilt with the technique.  Nine patches are easy.  I didn’t need to look at the tutorial to make them.  The nine patches sewed up quickly.  Somehow, it didn’t look right.  I went back to the tutorial to see how the nine patches were cut.  That’s when I discovered my big mistake.  Five of the pieces of the nine patch were supposed to be white.  I used all dark and medium pieces.  They would have made a very dark quilt. That’s when the quilt was named “The Mistake”.  I decided to put white sashing between the blocks and add an unusual border to take the eye away from the center.  It worked.  It turned out to be a pretty quilt.  Maybe I should rename it “Lemonade”.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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