Happy Thamksgiving

A happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  My Thanksgiving dinner will be on Saturday.  Our family has celebrated Thanksgiving on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for years.  It seems to be a more relaxing day.  We have so much to be thankful for.  We will have fourteen people around the table, including baby Aiden, who has just learned to eat oatmeal.

I thought that I could accomplish many things today.  I did get caught up with the Temperature quilt.  I have an app which shows me the high and low temperatures for past days so it is no problem to get a little bit behind.  I organized a bin and separated UFOs to be done and the quilt tops which are going to a long arm quilter.  I thought about making an Illusion quilt top, but I couldn’t find the gray fabric that I need for that project.  I have all the other fabric that I need.  I know that that piece of solid gray is somewhere in the sewing room.  It will show up when I’m looking for something else.  Then I can make that top.

I’m thinking that I need a break from the Moda project.  I can collect the patterns and continue when I feel like it.  The Splendid Sampler was supposed to be finished, but I found several bonus blocks on the site.  I’ve downloaded the patterns and will finish those later also.

All the mile a minute fabric has been put away.  Someday, when I feel like it, I’ll press the pieces that are together and cut some blocks. In the meantime, I’ll go on to something else.

IMG_1774The first flower has been appliqued on the wall quilt.  It is the rosebud on the top of the swag. The next flower is a large rose.  There are also day lilies, poppies, and trumpet flowers.  I am going to applique the flowers on the right side before I choose colors for the left side.  They will be the same colors, but I want to balance the colors in the piece.   I should probably do applique during the day instead of in the evening when I’m tired and watching TV.  I think that they would look a little better.  All the fabric and diagrams for the wall quilt are now contained in a wire drawer.  The drawer can be removed easily when I’m working on the wall hanging and put back, out of sight, when I’m not working on the project.  The line in the fabric is the cross line to match up the blue fabric to the master pattern.  There is also a horizontal pressed line.

Tomorrow is another day.  I’ll decide then what I want to sew or quilt between cooking for Saturday.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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