4 1/2″ Squares

I have finished using all of the 4 1/2″ squares that I cut from my scraps.  The big quilt is 60″ x 60″.  It is a nice size to quilt on my domestic machine, but it would be in a pile of UFOs for a while.  I should send it to a long arm quilter and have it quilted and then it would be done.IMG_1798




IMG_1797I made nine patches for the smaller piece.  I didn’t want to use sashing, so I cut each nine patch in half vertically and horizontally.  Then I rotated two of the pieces and sewed them back as a four patch.  It made all the colors blend.  I need a border for the piece to hold all the colors in.  Maybe blue, like the small squares or black.  Maybe even white.  I’ll audition several fabrics and see which color is best.  When I was done, I had two squares left over.  I cut them down to 3 1/2″ and put them in the drawer with the others.


I follow Leah Day on her blog.  One of the things that she talked about was how to quilt in a tiny space.  She ended the blog with What is your sewing space like? Spacious and well lit, or cozy and small.  I thought that I would share my sewing room with you, one area at a time.

IMG_0464When I changed my sewing room from the small office/ library/ sewing room to the guest room, the first thing that I did is have the carpet removed and Pergo installed.  I am so glad that I did that.  It is so easy to keep the floor clean.  No vacuuming up dropped pins.  As the room is still the guest room, I bought a day bed.  It has three drawers and a trundle bed under it.  It is taller than most beds, but is great for sorting and laying out fabric. IMG_0511




IMG_1801The cutting table has only one leaf up.  Plastic drawers on the back hold supplies.  A little ruler holder on top holds the small rulers that I use most and the rotary cutter.  The larger rulers and pressing supplies are in the large garden bin under the table.  Sewing machine instruction manuals ,a few patterns and blank paper are between the drawers.  I still have a lot of work to do to get my supplies in the proper drawers.  My back was to the overhead light and it was hard to see, so I put the Ott light on the table.  It is much easier to cut now. The Ott light also shows the real color of the fabric before I cut. The tool box holds all the gadgets that I just had to have.  The blue bin behind everything holds a few UFOs  Maybe I will get to them, maybe I won’t.  The bureau should be in the office as it used to hold office supplies.  Now, It has mile a minute fabric, other fabric that I am gathering for a quilt that I will make in the future. and a lot of junk that I should go through and sort out.  I use the wall hanging to pin patterns that I want to make next. Also the strips for the Temperature quilt before I sew it to the main body when the month is over.  It’s like a bulletin board.

I started to quilt a UFO. I made it two years ago to hang above the sofa at Christmas. If I spend enough time quilting, I may be able to hang it this year.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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