I have a big pile of UFO tops on a closet shelf.  Some have been there for a long time.  I should just quilt them and move them along.

IMG_1972This star quilt was made many years ago.  The center poofs out.  I either have to quilt it down or redo the center.  It wouldn’t take long to finish it as it is a small quilt.  When it is finished it will either go into the give away box or become a charity quilt.


IMG_1977Years ago I had a stack and whack class with Bethany Reynolds.  I should have used a floral print, but instead, used golfer fabric.  This was the only quilt that I finished in a class.  Usually, I have to finish them at home.  After all the stack and whack pieces were sewn together, I realized that there were body parts everywhere going around in a circle.  Who would want this quilt?  Maybe if I quilted it and put it into the give away bin someone would take it away.

IMG_1978     IMG_1976

IMG_1974I used to have a surger.  It was a simple one but I didn’t like it.  Probably, I didn’t practice enough to give it a chance.  I did make one quilt, but the corners didn’t match. The surger wasn’t really made to make a quilt.  It didn’t help that the fabric made it look like a big overripe watermelon.  It’s the perfect size for a Linus quilt.  When I finish it, it will have a home.  Someone will like a cheery watermelon quilt.

IMG_1979This brown quilt must have been made many years ago.  There was a period of time when I used brown fabric in my quilts all the time.  This is the only unfinished brown quilt  that I have.  It is pretty.  Miss Molly has inspected it and thinks that I should quilt it and give it to someone who will enjoy it. IMG_1981




There are many more unfinished quilts on the shelf.  Most of them are small.  Some are twin size.  They all have different reasons why I haven’t quilted them.  It would be nice to have an empty shelf.  I should get busy and quilt them one at a time.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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