Moda blockhead

I am caught up on piecing the Moda Blockhead block of the week again.  Somehow, piecing the 6″ and 12″ blocks seem easier than piecing and appliqueing the  4 1/2″ Dear Jane blocks.  I have enjoyed this project, especially because it uses the Japanese fabric that my daughter gave to me.  The project will be finished in a few weeks.  I have two other patterns that are ready for that fabric.

IMG_2008Block # 42 is a 12″ block




IMG_2009Block # 43 is a 6″block




IMG_2010Block # 44 is a 12″ block




The original instructions said that there would be 46 blocks so the end of this project is near.  The plan for joining the blocks together should be interesting.  There are  several different sizes.

IMG_2007I have finished sewing the binding on a quilt.  I was helped by my special helper, Miss Molly. She always lays on a quilt when I’m hand quilting or sewing binding.  It must be her pre-quality control inspection.  I’ve learned to take a big handful in my lap, leaving her just enough to be comfortable.


Have a great day and happy quilting.

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