Finished tops

57279700612__FF826EBC-0A4C-49DF-B70B-65A35ECB4C6CMy Christmas cactus has been blooming non stop since Thanksgiving.  I have three plants on the windowsill.  The two outside ones have bloomed once in a while, but the center one has outdone itself this year.  The trick is to enclose the plants  at night with thermal drapes.  They enjoy the cold from the window.  You wouldn’t think that cactus would like the cold, but they bloom much more if they are not in heat all the time.57279701599__D90CC670-647A-4A8F-8463-A4668D8846FA




IMG_2024The top that was made from the fifty 6″ blocks from Kimberly Einmo’s book is pieced.  I don’t know if I will send it to the long arm quilter or quilt it myself.  I’ll hang it on a hanger and decide when the ones in front of it are done.



IMG_2025Another quilt top from Kimberly’s book is finished.  It uses her 12″ blocks.




IMG_2026The third quilt top was made from leftover blue fabric from the Canadian 150 quilt.  It originally was a nine patch, but with a little cutting and resewing, it became a very nice top.



I really have to start quilting the tops instead of making more tops.  I think back when I started quilting.  I pieced and quilted one quilt at a time.  I didn’t have a stash or any of the “necessary” tools that are in the sewing room now.  There were no rotary cutters or rulers. I drew around a cardboard template that was made from cereal boxes.  I even hand pieced my first five quilts. How and when did I become obsessed with quilting?  I don’t know.  Someday, I will teach a class called “Two pins and a needle”.  That is all that is needed to make a quilt.  Of course there should be fabric, scissors and thread.  Other than that, you are good to go.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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