More Moda blocks

When I first started making the Moda blocks, the instructions said that there would be approximately 46 blocks.  I thought that I should be almost finished with the project, but noticed that there were more than 46.  I scrolled down to the bottom to check the number of blocks and found the plan for putting the blocks together.

The plan is divided into four quarters.  I could make four small quilts or combined them into one large one.  This is perfect.  I can machine quilt each quarter and then combine them in the lap quilt method.   A smaller quilt would fit much better under the needle.


Three of the quarters still have blocks that are still to be made.  I did put one quarter together.  I’m not sure if I like the quilt.  It is very busy.  It looks more like putting leftover blocks together instead of a planned quilt.

When it is finished, and on the bed, I wouldn’t mind if Miss Molly  sleeps on it.  It’s definitely a quilt to be used.

Each of the blocks are very pretty by themselves.

IMG_2044  6″ block

IMG_2043  16″ block

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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