Little quilts

Years ago, my husband bought several bags of kindling.  One of the bags contained small pieces of framing with the ends cut at 45 degrees.  That bag was a treasure.  The wood was not used to start a fire in the stove.  He made lots of little frames for me and I made 6″ quilts to put into the frames.  The local quilt shop was using  colorful paper bags at the time, so when I made a purchase, I had beautiful paper to back the frames.

All the little quilts were hand quilted.  We gave many away to friends and even sold a few.  I have seven little framed quilts left. Six of them fit on a small piece of wall between a closet door and a corner.  The seventh is on a window sill.

IMG_2134   IMG_2133   IMG_2132

When I was reorganizing all my sewing stuff in the attic, I came across the bag of the wooden pieces.  I’ll have to figure out how to staple the pieces together and make some more.  The quilts were fun to make and made great gifts.  I still have some pretty paper bags left and can use that.  It doesn’t take much time to make and hand quilt a 6″ quilt.  I could use scraps and make the quilts so that they would be ready to frame when I make the frames.

This is just another project for the future when I finish other ufo projects.  I’ve been working in the yard and have  not sewed or quilted for a few days.  The weather is beautiful.  Not too warm and not too cold.  When it rains, I’ll sew again.  I’ll show some more of the little quilts on another day when I have no new quilting or sewing to show.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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