Dear Jane

Dear Jane is one of the quilt projects that I brought to Maine with me this summer.  I had intended to start in the center and  make the blocks from the center out to the edge.  I did this for a while, and actually made two rows.  I am making the quilt in the potholder method.  Each block is quilted and bound and then sewed to the next block.  The quilt is finished as I make each block.

When I started the third row around the center, somehow all my plans disappeared.  Instead of making just the blocks that were on the top of the second row, I finished Row D completely.  The middle of Row D has been attached to the top of the second row.  I also finished other random blocks.  I have 58 blocks that are sewn, quilted and bound.  I also have 9 additional blocks that are ready for hand sewing.  Some need applique, some need quilting . and some are ready to bind.

I needed to reorganize myself so I decided to sew all of Row A.  I printed the patterns and templates from the CD and chose the fabric so that I can complete that row while I’m in Maine.  The Dear Jane blocks are made with different techniques.  Tips for sewing the blocks are in the Dear Jane EQ CD.  On rare occasion, I deviate from the instructions and make a block in my own method.  It is easy to print a paper piecing pattern and sew.  The tiny blocks  come out perfect with paper piecing.

This week, I have made A1, A2, A5 and A6.  A3 is an applique block and is in the hand quilting section of the project.  A4 is paper pieced and is at the sewing machine to make tomorrow.

IMG_2237A1is called Pinwheel Gone Awry.  The center is a pinwheel, but the surrounding pieces look as if the pinwheel was broken.




IMG_2239A2 is called One-Two-Buckle My Shoe.  It was named because it was the 2nd block in row1, so after row 1 – block 2. Buckle My shoe just followed.



IMG_2236A5 is called Cathie’s Camping.  There was no information in the CD to tell who Cathie was or why she was camping.




IMG_2235A6 is called Uncle Homer.  The CD states that it was called that because Ruth used a piece of fabric in this block that had a farm on it and it reminded her of her Uncle Homer.  I wondered who Ruth was.  Brenda Papadakis, who wrote the Dear Jane book and drew all the patterns, listed all her quilting friends who made the Dear Jane quilts that were in the book.  Ruth was not listed as one of her friends.  She did mention Ruth Levin of the Bennington Museum.  Maybe it was her.  Although, it did not say that Ruth Levin made a Dear Jane quilt.

I’ll keep sewing Row A.  When I take a trip to N. H. in June, I’ll print out the patterns for Row B and gather the fabric to make that row.  Maybe, by the end of summer, I will have half of the quilt finished.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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