Dear Jane

I’ve been focusing on Dear Jane for a few days. Today, I finished piecing all of Row A.  Some of the blocks are quilted and bound.  Others, need quilting.  I’m unhappy with one.  The fabric doesn’t go with the rest of the quilt.  I will remake that one.


A 1 is called Pinwheel Gone Awry.  I made it with half square triangles and flipped corners.  It is finished.




A 2 is called One – Two- Buckle My Shoe.  It was paper pieced.  It’s a good thing that I like to paper piece.  There are a lot of little Jane blocks that are made with paper piecing. It is finished.



A 3 is called Hunter’s Moon. It is the one that I will remake.  The fabric is a batique.  It doesn’t go with the rest of the quilt.




A 4 is called Courtney’s Stethoscope. It was pieced using templates.  There are so many different techniques in this quilt.  It is ready to quilt and bind.



A 5 is called Cathie’s Campfire.  It is another paper pieced block.  It is ready to quilt and bind.




A 6 is called Uncle Homer.  This one was an easy rotary cut block.  It is finished.




A 7 is called Dad’s Plaids  I made the four patch background and then appliqued the petals.  It is ready to quilt and bind.




A 8 is called Florence Nightingale.  The pieces were rotary cut.  It is finished.  It’s fun to have an easy block.




A 9 is called Cabin Fever.  It was paper pieced.  I like this one.  Twelve of these blocks would make a nice miniature quilt.  Maybe someday I will make one. It is ready to quilt and bind.



A 10 is called Which Points West?  I made it different than the instructions.  They called for piecing the block.  It was easier to make a center colored square with a white border.  Then I appliqued the little petal and the triangles.  It is ready to quilt and bind.

IMG_2443A 11 is called Pebbles Protest.  I paper pieced the Peaky and Spike squares.  Then I made small four patches for the corners.  A small border was added,  It made it look like the corner squares were larger. A white outer border finished the block.  It is quilted.  When the binding is sewn on, it will be finished.



A12 is called Framed Fancy.  It is another paper pieced block that would make a very nice miniature quilt.  It needs quilting and binding.



A 13 is called Star light – Star bright.  It was paper pieced in sections.  The sections were sewn together with Y seams.  It is ready to quilt and bind.


I am going to put Jane away for a while and concentrate on something else.  The unfinished blocks will be in a bag with a needle, thread, thimble and scissors.  I can work on them when I have a sit and sew.

Eventually, Row A will be finished.  Then on to Row B and C.  Row D is almost completed. Some of the other rows are partially done.  When I get to those rows, it won’t take long to complete the rows.  I have many blocks finished, but there are still many more to make.

Have a great day and happy quilting.





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