Little Things

I have been working on several little things this week.  Some sewing and other little housekeeping things that took longer to think about than to do.

organized some scraps that a friend gave me.  Some were too large for the mile a minute block, so I put the large scraps aside to make mini quilts.  The fabric will not be placed in my stash. I should be able to make five or six minis with the scraps.   One mini quilt top is finished.  The second one is planned.  The first mini center was paper pieced.   It is called Carol #1. IMG_2660

It shouldn’t take to long to quilt.  I’ll practice ruler quilting on this small piece.


IMG_2664A bed quilt came back from the long arm quilter.  The binding is on and half sewed down.  The quilt was made with block patterns from Kimberley Einmo’s block book.  I used solid fabrics for this quilt.  The solid fabric drawer is still full.  This is the second quilt that I’ve made from Kimberley’s book.  I plan to make quilts with all 250 blocks eventually. The blocks in her book seem large after working on Dear Jane’s 4 1/2″ blocks.

IMG_2666   IMG_2665

I’ve been working on Dear Jane blocks.  Row A is finished.  It is quilted, bound and sewn together in the potholder method.  I can no longer use the Dear Jane EQ CD.  My old computer died and the new one will not accept the CD.  Before I lost the computer, I had printed out the patterns for rows B and C so I can make those two rows.  Row D is already made as well as some of the blocks in other rows.  I can figure out how to make the remaining blocks from the diagrams in the book.  I enjoy making the Dear Jane blocks between other projects.   It is good to have a small project to either quilt or bind when I go to a sit and sew.

IMG_2663I’ve printed the chart for the block placement and inked the finished blocks so that I would know which blocks were left to sew.  The first three blocks from Row I are missing.  I sewed them today and they are ready to quilt and bind.  The little blocks don’t need much quilting so they are finished quickly. I will be working on this quilt for a long time.

Row J blocks, #1 to #8 are quilted and bound.  The are ready to sew together.





My appointments are done for the week  so I can spend the next two days in the sewing room.  It will be fun.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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