Staying at home

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when one stays at home.  My “other quilters’ bin” is getting lower, although there is still a lot more to finish.  I’ve ordered a bolt of backing fabric and will start quilting these quilts as soon as it arrives.

Trying to figure out what the first quilter wanted to do with her fabric is interesting.  I do want them to be simple and quick.  At least the blocks are sewn,  or at least the pieces were cut out.

In one baggie, I found pieces to two blue quilts.






I was able to make 9 blocks with one and 15 blocks with the other.  The nine block quilt top is finished.  I think that I can make two charity quilts out of the other 15 blocks.  





In one baggie was strips of pieces.  Some of the pieces had several fabrics.  There was enough to make eight squares.  I added another leftover square and it seem to fit.  This is a real scrap quilt.





This was supposed to be a table runner, but some of the pieces were missing.  It was like making a puzzle to find a space for everything to fit.






One of the baggies had quarter square triangles.  It’s amazing how there were just the right number to make this quilt.






This is a doll quilt.  There were only a few small four  patches.  It won’t take long to quilt.






In the evenings, I work on the applique wall hanging.  The applique on the right swag is finished.  I laid it on the floor to check out the colors and Miss Molly decided to do her quality checking job.  She looks as if she approves.





It’s April and the crocus are out.  These four are the only ones left from all the bulbs that I planted years ago.



I found this label on the back of the quilt that I hung over the sofa.  It says it all.  IMG_2940

Have a great day and happy quilting.




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