Many of the new followers don’t know who Miss Molly is and what important job she has in my quilting life. Miss Molly celebrated her 10th birthday last January. She is very smart and is well trained, but she has her own ideas on how things should go. She is always asking me “Why do you want me to do that?” and goes about her jolly way and does what she wants. The old adage about teaching old dogs new tricks is not true with her as she learned how to “high five” in the past two months.

Miss Molly has passed Level 1, level 2 and level 3 with flying colors. She had had sniff and search lessons, agility lessons, and dance lessons. Dancing for dogs is obedience to hand signals and music. We had a dance routine, but she kept inserting her favorite trick, just because she wanted to.

Miss Molly’s very important job is quality control inspector.

Miss Molly when she first came to live with us.

Miss Molly has finished her meal and is waiting in the bowl for Max to leave his bowl so she can have the leftovers.

Miss Molly loved to dig. Fortunately, this was her only hole so we let her have fun.

Max and Molly playing. Max was much older than Molly and she missed him when he was no longer with us.

Miss Molly, just before her first professional grooming.

She was no longer a puppy when she came back. She was a beautiful adult dog. Of course that was in looks, not actions.

Miss Molly’s graduation picture. She did not like wearing the hat. Doesn’t like sweaters when it’s cold. Never could keep boots on. I even tried a tutu when she danced, but she hated it. No scarfs for her. but if I take her collar off, she is very upset.

My daughter and I were sorting large bags of factory cotton fabric cut offs. Miss Molly climbed on top of the pile to see if the fabric was o.k. to use in a quilt.

Miss Molly inspecting the Canadian 150 quilt.

Miss Molly has a co worker. Rufus, also, is a quality control inspector. Here they are discussing their hard days work.

Rufus and Miss Molly at work.

Miss Molly does not like thunder storms or loud noises. Usually she goes under the bed, but this time she sat in a corner, facing the wall. If she doesn’t see the lightening, maybe it will go away.

It would be nice if all quilters had a unjudgmental quality control inspector like Miss Molly.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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