Stay at Home Round Robin

Last week was the finish of the Stay At Home Round Robin. The last seven weeks went by very fast. We were prompted to use pinwheels on the last row.

The colored wall hanging was easy. I made four pinwheels, one for each corner. I had planed, all along, to use the Ginny Beyer border prints for the sides. I thought that it would pick up the border print in the center and be the finishing touch. I had just enough left to make four borders. When the cut border print was laid on the outside of the piece, it didn’t look right. On to plan B. I would use a piece of died fabric. There was just one piece left that was large enough to make the border. It was almost the right color. Things do work out. I can change the color somewhat with the quilting thread. It will be a design element.

Miss Molly examined the quilt and approves.

The black and white quilt needed a light last border. The white and black fabric stash was almost gone so I had to be creative in the piecing. I had enough of one fabric to use on one of the elements of the pinwheel. The second part was made with two different fabrics. After the pinwheels were made, the remaining fabric was in small pieces. I cut small pieces to sew between the pinwheels. That filled the row it looks as if I planned to make it that way. Looking at the photo, I don’t like the two white pieces on each side of the corner square. It would be easy now to remove them and add something at would look better. That’s a job for tomorrow.

The black and white is my favorite of the two. It looks much nicer than it does in the photo. I’ll quilt part with black thread and part with white thread.

One of my UFOs is finished. It was a sample for my orphan block demo. I still have several orphan block quilts to finish. This one was small enough to quilt with the walking foot. I like to free motion quilt, but I really love to quilt with the walking foot. I just aim for the spot that I want and the foot takes me there.

I’m following a blog from Ontario, Just get it done quilts. On the blog is a 21 day sewing room declutter. My blocks of the month are finished. I’m not going to start a new one so will do the 21 day declutter.

Day one was to take out the garbage. That was easy. I emptied the waste basket, swept the floor and put the small pieces in the trash can. The larger pieces went into the scrap basket.

Day two was to put everything back where it belongs. That took a little longer, but everything is back where it should be. The room looks nicer already.

Tomorrow is day three. Magazines. I don’t keep them in the sewing room. I do have a stack that I haven’t read. I have both quilting, cooking and housekeeping magazines. It might take more than one day to go through them. In the meantime, I’ll finish some more ufo’s, decide which new quilt to start and just have fun quilting.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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